April 14, 2024

You have finally booked your first escort, but your excitement is overshadowed by the nervousness due to your inexperience. Fortunately, feeling a bit anxious before your first escort date is extremely normal, since all escorts are insanely pretty and confident. Making the right moves on your date is also important, to ensure that you do not scare the escort away into never wanting to accept your booking request.  

This article jots down a few dos and don’ts one must follow to ensure a nice date and that they make a positive first impression. Keep reading ahead to know more. 

Do’s While Meeting an Escort  

#1: Ensure That You Reach on Time  

Most imagefap escorts do not like it if clients are not punctual with their date, as it might indicate carelessness on their end. Escorts prefer if you lead the date professionally and treat her well, which also involves reaching the destination on time. Preferably, clients are advised to arrive around 5-10 minutes before the actual meeting to make sure that everything goes as planned without any hassle. 

#2: Greet The Escort Confidently  

The key to becoming self-confident during the date is to fake it till you make it! Try your best to act confident and friendly so that the escort finds you intimidating yet attractive. Avoid saying anything that might make the escort feel uncomfortable around you. Be charming, and polite and treat your escort like you would treat an actual date.  

#3: Make The Payment on Time  

Most imagefap escorts prefer it if you pay them at the beginning of the date itself. Make sure you make the payment as discussed before the meeting. Any negotiations demanded on the spot can give off a bad impression and might even convince the escort not to accept your invitation again. 

Additionally, you can also tip your escort a reasonable amount for providing you with amazing company and spending quality time with you. An acceptable tip falls under a range of 15-25% of the original amount asked. 

#4: Stay Within Boundaries

Escorts do not like sexual demands being made at the last moment. Make sure that you discuss all your expectations beforehand and have her complete consent for all your sexual moves. You can text your escort or make a quick phone call to discuss your meeting and how you are going to proceed with it. All you must do is make sure that she is comfortable throughout the time she spends with you.  


#1: Be Abrupt During the Date 

Women don’t like it if you immediately demand sex as soon as they get here. Instead, slowly try to build up the moment and make the move at the perfect time. This would make the sex even better and get the escort to like you even more. Additionally, some foreplay would add to the spiciness and might just make you her favorite client.  

#2: Ask For or Share Personal Information 

There is nothing that repels an escort than when a client desperately asks her for confidential information that she would not want to share with a customer. It is important to understand that escort meetings must be kept completely professional and asking personal questions can get you blacklisted by the escort agency itself.  

Furthermore, while escorts do not blurt out your secrets, it is still not advised to share your confidential information with an escort. Respect their privacy and don’t make them feel unsafe with you.  

#3: Don’t Get Too Drunk  

Going overboard with alcohol can make you reckless and make you do things that can be considered unprofessional and unethical. While a glass of wine is never a bad idea, avoid getting too drunk during the meeting and take things slow. Clients often ruin their profile on escort websites by acting drunk or abusive due to intoxication, which is why it is preferred if you stay sober. 

Wrapping It Up  

These were a few dos and don’ts that might help you ace your first meeting with an escort. If you’re looking for sexy and attractive women near your area for sexual and companionship services, head over to Ladys.one website to find the perfect woman right at your destination!