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White River senior Justice Morrison chronic

White River's Justice Morrison unplugged - Tiger senior shares tourney thoughts
Mar 15, 2017

Had a little chit-chat with White River senior Justice Morrison this morning and asked him if would share with us mere mortals his experience of going to the South Dakota Class B tournament. 

He agreed, and I couldn't be happier to hear how it feels.

Over the next five days, Morrison will check in once a day to offer his thoughts on the experience of going to the state tournament for a fourth consecutive year with the intent of winning the whole thing.


Justice Morrison - 

Well we made it through the week! We are on our way to Aberdeen now. The sendoff was real bittersweet and emotional for myself. Man I'm so lucky to live in the community I do. Felt like the whole town was there. I am dreading Sunday already. We had the pep rally last night in the gym and it was PACKED. Would've thought we were playing a home game. Played some games against our parents and said some words to the crowd.


I presented Jared and Eldon starquilts last night. I told myself I wouldn't cry or get emotional but I couldn't do it. Talking about the end of our season and those guys gets me every single time.


Again, I'm dreading Sunday. But then I remember what a great crew I've had the pleasure of working with and getting better everyday. Battling with. They'll be real special.


There's downsides to going to state though. The packing. Oh my gosh the packing!! I tell myself I'll be all packed by Monday and then Tuesday. Then all of a sudden I'm rushing around forgetting stuff ha. My youth and immaturity shows occasionally.


I'll Always be grateful being able to end my career giving myself a chance. A chance at that title. I would trade almost anything for a state title.


The bus ride now mostly consists of sleeping for the new guys. I'm sure they were all up late last night. There isn't too much commotion:...yet. As for myself...I sit one seat behind Jared and Eldon on the bus. I have since I was a freshman. I think it's because I want to know what's going on so I can tell the guys. I also think it's because I feel like I just am attracted to their presence. I'm just gathering myself.


My phone is blowing up as I write this with I'm sure goodluck messages and posts and pictures. I'm remembering things I forgot already haha. No music yet. Although my first song will most likely be Pearl Jam or Soundgarden (my taste in music is REAL good Rich, I can beat Eldon at guess this artist from music before I was born. It's an going game)


I'll finish reading my book on this trip I think. It's called The Man Watching. It's about Anson Dorrance women's college soccer coach at UNC. Won a lot of titles and has had some great players come through. Good book.


So for now, I'm sitting here talking with Jared and Eldon. Not really basketball related to the weekend quite yet. Just about our plans for the day. I haven't really thought of the game quite yet. I try to save myself until the day of. I know the biggest challenge for this weekend is battling my own emotions and making sure my guys are alright and ready to go. I want them to enjoy it. Soak everything in.


When people say it goes by fast, you don't believe them until you are sitting on the bus, heading to the state tournament, realizing in 5 days, your time as a WR Tiger, is over.


We have a practice at 3 PM today in the Barnett Center. I will fill you in what goes down after that!

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