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Will the St Francis Warriors Celebrate a Home Play-Off Win in the WarriorDome

WarriorDome Showdown
Feb 27, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen... tonight the SFWarriorsLive.com channel on LiveTicket.tv launches for the first time at home!

And it is not just any game!

It's a rematch of the Double Overtime thriller from a little over two weeks ago, which was won by the St. Francis Warriors over Todd County by a score of 71-69!

Round 2 be as fun as the first go?  Betting so!

Can't make the game?

You can join our very own Panic Button, Rich Winter.  He once served as the voice of the Big Sky Men's Basketball league...

He is joined by John Miller, who brings tons of experience as a former radio announcer with KINI!


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