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The Mission Legion team lost to Winner Wednesday, 6-5.

TANK impressive as Mission Legion team SCARES Winner
Jun 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

Pretty much a day doesn't go by that I don't give recently graduated Todd County 'athlete' Tristen Herman a hard time about something. The Panic Button and Herman have been going back and forth now for about six weeks in what appears to be a shot-put competition that just won't seem to go down.


But, after watching the Legion game between Mission and Winner last night, I must give props where props are deserved. 


Heard rumblings that Herman might go out for Legion ball this summer and I gave it my customary 'We'll see' attitude.


You see, Herman hadn't played baseball since 9th grade. To my knowledge the young man hadn't pitched in his life, and if he had, he had very little experience on the mound. 


And yet, as I watched Herman mow down the first three Winner hitters last night in a combined 5 pitches, I had to tip my hat and say..."WOW"


Big Tank was good last night. 


He got a little help from the offense as Thane Witt just crushed a ball into the cottonwood trees at Mission City Park for a 2-run homer that gave Mission a 2-0 lead.


Winner got on the board in the top of the third with a run but the Mission lumber-yard was open last night as Jacob Wike, Bryant Burnette, Joe Gabaldon and company helped produce three runs to stretch that lead to 5-1.


In true Panic Button fashion, I can't completely gush about the performance of Herman because he made a crucial mistake in the bottom of the third. 


Herman crushed a pitch from Winner lefty, Cale Meiners. Thinking the ball was going to be caught, Herman sat in the batters box. When the ball wasn't caught, he was in no man's land as the Winner right-fielder through Herman out at first (Which is a play one rarely sees). 


But, the kid hasn't played baseball in a while....It will come back.


What Herman did do was strike out five batters and leave the game after five complete innings with a 5-1 lead. Nice command of his pitches and some authoritative blow-by stuff from Herman as he really kept the Winner hitters off balance. 


Alas, Winner scored four in the 6th and one in the 7th to earn a 6-5 win.


But, that was Herman's first trip to the mound, maybe every, and at least not in the last three years.


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