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Do Native American athletes have the GOLF GIFT
Apr 23, 2017

By Rich Winter

Had a pretty interesting conversation with White River golf coach Mike Beardt a while ago. He came into the Tribune and we sat down and visited about golf for awhile. Mike's been a long-time golf coach in the area, having served in that capacity at Todd County a while back, and now doing some good things up in White River. 


Can't even remember what Mr. Beardt and I visited about specifically, but I think Mr. Beardt was trying to drum up some good pub for golf so that a few more young people would give the sport a shot. 


Specifically I recall Mr. Beardt inferring that Native American's have an innate ability to play golf and play it a high level.


Do Natives have the golf gift?


Couple really interesting golf photos, well, about four, popped up on my Facebook periphery in recent weeks. 


* Former Chamberlain golfer and soon-to-be Crow Creek graduate, Danny Sazue signed to play golf at Dakota Wesleyan.

* Current White River golfer, 2nd in Class B last season and recently wrapping up a really nice career of Tiger basketball, Justice Morrison, ALSO signed with DWU.

* Seeing a few White River boys golf photos pop up these days, love, love the one accompanying this article.


Wow, two local guys headed to college to play golf...How cool is that?


I need to spend more time on the golf course this summer. Always fun to go out and get a look at...

* Mike Beardt just crushing it off the tee-box

* Ryan Holy Eagle draining a 15-foot birdie and then whoofing about it all day (JK). 

* The former Huron College and I think DWU golfer Rich Crow Eagle stil doing some wicked stuff on the course.

* Mike Hammer blowing the four footer....(JK)

* Jenny Kornely getting huffy cuz I took a picture


Hmmmm, maybe there are some state champs out there that haven't even picked up a set of clubs yet.


Personally, it's hard to get golf stats and pictures: Love to see some golf photos and talk about the scores, cuz guys, I never see golf results...Local golf seasons are just about to get up and running, with a ton of league meetings and such....


Maybe we could do a youth night or a youth tournament or something? Praire Hills looking pretty good....


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