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Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders....WHEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!

BEAST MODE to the Raiders - Just win IT baby
Apr 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

The NFL Network is reporting that Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders is a done deal, pending the Seahawks and Raiders hashing out a deal. Since the GM's are pals, no problem, baby...The Raiders are set at RB and now go from an elite offense to perhaps the best offense in the NFL.


It's interesting living here in the Northern Plains and seeing the various factions of NFL Support and the loud-mouths that seem to talk about their team no matter how terrible there are.

* A few closet 49er fans around (BW), who after another bad season or two will likely jump ship and become the Rams fan you always wanted to be. 

* Big ole faction of Dallas Cowboys fans around that I never would have expected.

* Ken Wike the only Lions fan in town - LOL!

* Bunch of Vikings fans around...Kinda surprised about that! You would think after season after season and decade after decade of getting Blair Walshed the fan faithful would fall away, but, they, PJ Valandra - Jody Brozik, just keep coming back for more. 

* Lot of traditionalists around here that somehow fell in love with the Green & Gold of the Packers. I get that, and with relatives in Wisconsin I never cheer to hard against the Packers, except when Wayne King or Chuck Wilson start talking trash!

* Surprised by the number of Steeler fans around here. Maybe its just in my periphery but I suppose if you started watching football in the 70's with Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Green on the roster that being a Steelers fan isn't the biggest sin around. That said, one of those trophies belongs in Oakland!!!!!

* Couple of Chiefs fans around, one guy over in Pine Ridge, always wearing his Chiefs hat around....We, (Raider Nation) have got something for you this year.

* DONKEYS - UGGGGGHHHH, what a fun football year last season as the DONCOS got their ass kicked all year. Bout time the mouthy Denver fans crawled in their hole, saw their shadow and went back inside for the soon to be decade of futility. Wake up Denver, we are gonna kick your ASS! Cockiest fanst around, hands down...TARA BORDEAUX AND MISKOO PETITE...


The resurgence of the Raiders last year was AWESOME! Been a fan since we destroyed the Vikings in that late 70's Super Bowl that Mission's Kernit Grimshaw attended...WOW! Stopped in St. Francis on Thursday to go into Valandra's store...Young man pushing around a broom and cleaning up, yeah baby, sporting a Raiders hat.



For all of you that want to think that Lynch is a busted up old shell of himself (Vikings fans see Adrian Peterson), this man is from Oakland, went to college, I think at Cal, and is coming home to win a title, and for him, taking a year off to rest the bruising style of runner he is, well, that's a good thing.


We've got ourselves a HORSE, a BEAST!


So, I realize it's about 104 days to the first pre-season NFL football game, but the Raiders getting Lynch signed before the draft changes how and what the Raiders need to which is upgrade that defense a smidge...


Ya all better get ready...Silver & Black are Back..

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