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While Kristina Sprik couldn't be in two places at the same time she watched the Jr. Teeners team live and watched the P/G legion team courtesy of www.liveticket.tv

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Jul 23, 2017

By Rich Winter

Standing up next to the fence at Leahy Bowl in Winner yesterday, Kristina Sprik, mother of Platte/Geddes catcher Trevor Sprik was excitedly snapping her own photos and getting ready for a long day. It had already been a long day for Sprik as she'd gotten up early that morning and driven three plus hours from where her other son was playing in the State Jr. Teener tournament. 


At game's end she hopped in the car and drove back to see the nightcap where the Platte-Geddes young guns were squaring off against Baltic in a championship round game. 


Ahhh, South Dakota, where four hours is just a hop skip and a jump away from just about anywhere....LOL.


At any rate, enjoyed visiting with Sprik and she told me about her evening the night before where she was in the stands watching the Jr. Teener game with one eye and keeping her eye on the Platte-Geddes vs. Dell Rapids game being streamed to her phone via www.liveticket.tv.


"It was awesome," Sprik said of her getting to watch both games at the same time. 


And then, as I ventured into the stands to watch the rest of the game and keep notes in a contest Platte-Geddes had well in hand, I happened upon a Dell Rapids Parent, the father of Josh Roeman who was the opening night starter for Dells. 


At any rate, Roeman and I visited about everything under the sun including a big-time lefty that is playing with a traveling team this summer instead of an already scary good Dells team. 


When Roeman arrived at Leahy Bowl and heard the games were going to be broadcast on www.liveticket.tv, the first thing he did was text his siblings across the country. 


SIBLING(S)...can't remember if Roeman said he had 10 or 11 siblings, but, he sent out a group text and all of a sudden, the Roeman extended family had a living room look at their nephew playing thousands of miles away. 


That's awesome!


Interesting sitting in the booth and seeing liveticket.tv owner Jody Brozik light up after each and every new tweet from across the country came in telling him that people were watching and enjoying some high quality baseball.


The games start at 1:00 p.m with McCook/Miner taking on Dell Rapids. 


3:00 ish, Winner/Colome renews a very intense rivalrly with Platte/Geddes.


7:00 p.m. - Vermillion steps in the ring to take on what looks like a sleeping giant from out west in Spearfish.


Let the games begin...www.liveticket.tv

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