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After a phenomenal freshman season, Ellie Brozik is a seasoned veteran poised to make big impacts to the Winner Warrior sports programs.

Winner's Ellie Brozik is one to watch in 2019/2020
Jul 29, 2019

By THEE Panic Button

Wow, just looked at the calendar and the NFL, HOF game is on Thursday, Aug. 1...Ahhh August, when we can settle down for just a second (kind of) before the whirlwind of high school sports gets us revved up.

It's been a while Winner, but, of course I've been watching.

One of the young ladies from Winner that really impressed me last year was Ellie Brozik... Had a very nice volleyball season, filled a tremendous role on Larry Aaker's Class A state champion basketball team, and oh baby, she announced her arrival with a big-time year in track. Wanted to hearken back to that track season....Brozik, who had never jumped competitively in high school, went from a good sprinter to one of the BEST Triple jumpers in South Dakota....37-feet plus as a freshman....Yeah, RARE AIR!

So, pretty soon the SD Media writers will announce the Class A, pre-season volleyball rankings. Miss Watzel gave me her top-5 with Winner being No. 5....(sounds like a homer pick just not trying to be cocky)...I've got Winner at No. 2...Part of the reason for that is the thrown-in-the fire play of Maggie LaCompte. Feel like LaCompte will play a bigger role. Feel like Kelsey Sachtjen will be more of a factor in the middle, AND, feel like Ellie Brozik and Morgan Hammerbeck are going to be one of the best 1/2 hitters in the state. Wow, what a battle in the Big Dakota this fall with Miller and Winner both expected to have monstrous campaigns. Can't wait for that early Burke vs. Winner match, a great predictor of how those two PROGRAMS will be this season. Miller vs. Winner in Big Dakota...Yes please!!

Larry Aaker's Class A state champions will likely be ranked No. 1 when the polls come out in December. The loss of Kocer is big but I am looking for Sachtjen, Kalla Bertram and Ellie Brozik are going to be huge on the hardwood this fall. All of these ladies are competitors, tuff as heck and scrappy. Brozik's leaping ability should have her becoming a presence in the middle for Winner.
Found out a couple weeks ago that St. Thomas More moved down to 11B...(out of that loop I guess), but, the Winner Warriors open their season at home vs. Stanley County. Then, on Aug. 30, they host STM.     
East Winner resident Besty Watzel put the line at (-21) Winner...Hmmm intriguing....but oh so delicious to look forward to!      
Panic Button, OUT!

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