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White River golfer Joe Cameron records the rarest of golf shots, the Albatross

White River's Joe Cameron records rare ALBATROSS in Murdo
Aug 20, 2017

 By Rich Winter

From the this is pretty cool category, 2012 White River graduate, Joe Cameron recorded a double-eagle, or albatross, on the No. 2 hole in Murdo, the 480-yard Par-5. 


Cameron, a member of the White River state champioship basketball and golf teams hit his tee-shot 315 yards and then holed out with a 9-iron from about 165 yards out. 


While the hole in one is often celebrated as THEE shot of a lifetime, the albatross is far more rare. 


Among all golfers, there are typically 40,000 holes-in-one in a given year, with just a few hundred albatrosses, according to About.com. The odds, according to former USGA employee Dean Knuth, of making an albatross are about 1 million to 1. The odds of making a hole-in-one are around 13,000 to 1.

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