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Members of the Scotland volleyball team played for Colome's Alexa Mckenzie

When the going gets TUFF, South Dakotans STEP UP
Oct 17, 2017

By Rich Winter

Wow, so many young people in South Dakota that are really going through some rough times right now. Some TUFF news in a lot of communities right now as a bunch of recent injuries and trajedies have a lot of communities hurting at the moment. 


That said, despite everything going on in the world right now, and some of these injuries that I'm about to talk about, I am dang proud to be a South Dakotan, where when bad things happen, people step up and care about one another. 


Colome - Saddened to hear the news about Colome's Alexa McKenzie....Heard about this over the weekend and am not entirely in the loop, although I was encouraged by one of Linda Kinzer's last posts as there seems to be some improvement. STUNNED last night to see volleyball communities from around the state share their support for Alexa. Colome was in St. Francis and they prayed for Alexa as a group. All the way over to Scotland where the Highlanders joined forces to keep Alexa in their prayers. Can't imagine a lot of those players know Alexa McKenzie, and yet, they made her part of their process.




Brady Sprik - Platte-Geddes - Jody Brozik told me I believe Friday that the P/G freshman was injured in a car accident a few miles outside of Chamberlain....Dang....Sounds like this young man is a fighter and wanted to share just a piece from the families Caring Bridge site and a partial post from Brady's mom, Kristina Sprik - "Thank the Lord, as this kid is strong yes but also can only handle so much.  He has shed a few tears with the support that he has saw... All the way around from the Platte students (the shoutouts at Football & Volleyball) & the adults, to the Dakota Christian school, the Chamberlain community, the Mt Vernon/Plankinton communities along with all of the other surrounding communties and even to those who do not even know Brady or our family, but know someone who does know us.  He is grateful to be alive and has said quite a few times that he wishes it was all a bad dream. We worry for the days ahead the emotional impact this will have on him but as for now he is stronger than anyone we know and we will do our best to keep him that way."


Gotta say, it is a pretty cool feeling to know that other people care about other people in different communities. 


Jon Bakke - Gregory - Was saddened to see the post from Aric Hamilton last Saturday that Gregory senior, Jon Bakke broke his leg badly in the Gorillas regular-season finale with Miller-Highmore/Harrold. Don't know a lot about the injury but was told that Bakke shattered his tibia and fibula. Young man had to go through surgery and it sounds like he has a ton of pins and screws in that broken leg. Lot of people checked into that Gregory Gorillas Live post and offered thoughts and prayers for a senior that wil be sidelined for the Gorillas run to 9AA immortaility


Philip's Hunter Peterson still battling - Ya know, I can't even imagine how TUFF this fall has been for the Peterson family from Philip. Their son was injured in a farm accident just before the football season started and trapped under a vehicle for a long time. Sent to Rapid City for multiple surgeries, and then transferred to Lincoln for more care. 


Still battling - Post from Oct. 10 - Update on Hunter - October 10... Yesterday Hunter had another surgery on his right leg. They did the skin graft. I just thought this would be a somewhat easy surgery. I was wrong. Yesterday was a hard day. I am finally able to bring myself to post about it. The doctor had wanted to do the skin graft using his scalp skin. I was against this and wanted him to use his thigh skin. The doctor had told Hunter it would be less pain and the head heals faster. So since Hunter has been in more pain the last few months than anyone should ever hbave in their life, I left it up to Hunter and the doctor. Well let's just say they never explained how they do this. So when the doctor talked to us after surgery he said he has a little swelling. I was thinking like when you get bit by a mosquito and your eye swells a little. When we saw him he was unrecognizable and his head was 3x the size of normal. Let's just say we were not happy. They inject fluid before they cut off the scalp skin. Something I guess I wish they had informed us of. I was so scared. He was in so much pain and of course had no clue he was going to look like that either. He also had a harder time coming around after surgery this time. Just a scary, hard day. Thankfully today went better. He finally is keeping food down. Pain is a little better and you can now recognize him. He is still swollen but it is going down pretty fast. He is in a straight leg brace and ankle immobilzer again. We are heading home for a few day again since not a lot of therapy can be done. They did x-ray the left leg to see if it is full weight baring yet also but we haven't heard on that yet. Please pray for fast healing, no infection, that his skin graft takes and pain gets better soon. Bible Verse...But God demonstrates his own love for us in this :. While we were still sinners, Crist died for us. Romans 5:8


Frankly I was quite moved when the Philip and surrounding communities stepped up to offer finanacial and emotional support. Met a new friend this fall, Carrie Loibl from Kadoka. While it has been a tough year for the Loibl's, son Peyton, senior QB for Kadoka tore his ACL early in the season, I was so lifted when Loibl told me the Kadoka community made a quilt in Philip colors for Hunter Peterson...I'm guessing that meant a great deal to a Philip family who has been through a tough year. 


Mission community steps up: Don't know if a lot of people know this but a 60-year old man and his 4-year old grand-daughter were struck and killed in an intersection in Mission. Just stunned, and while an entire community and the ROSEBUD was mourning, a wonderful and spiritual candle-light vigil was organized to help families and loved ones get through an exceptionally difficult moment. 




But, I guess that's how we roll in South Dakota. When someone we know or know of gets hurt, injured or passes away, we send our thoughts and prayers, time and even money to help those that are going through a TUFF time. 


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