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Well done Winner - B Legion tourney draws rave reviews
Jul 28, 2017

By Rich Winter

I'm guessing there were a few folks over in Winner that slept in a few times this week. There there were more than a few folks who spent just a ton of time, a lot of it out in blistering hot and humid conditions, to make the State B American Legion tournament a gigantic success.


Can't think of a better example than the thunderstorm that came through Monday evening. Hadn't rained in two months and after the storm, with a field full of water and players and fans chomping at the bit, everyone had to regroup. Well, like champs the grounds crew got out there (16 hour day for those guys) and after they got the pumps working, everyone and I mean everyone got out of the stands to make sure the promise of the games restarting at 10:00 p.m. was a reality!


9:55 game on!


First of all, man what a great tournament! The level of play was just incredible with some great play from tourney start through finish. 


When an event like this goes down, and goes down smoothly, ya can only imagine that a lot of people put a lot of time effort and thought into making the event special. That time started when the American Legion selected Winner to host this tournament. Representatives visited last years site, Webster, took in some notes and came back to Winner to plan the event. 


Meetings, ideas thrown out, planning, logistics all tossed out for a year before the event crunched together with community members stepping forward to make sure every detail had been addressed. 


Field looked great!


But, it's the behind the scenes stuff that really tells the Panic Button that people enjoyed the heck out of themselves.


Dell Rapids parent couldn't believe how nice the facilities were.

McCook/Miner parent was telling a story about the kids out playing whiffle-ball late one night, on a softball field in the dark and the Winner police happened by. Well, rather than raise a stink, the Winner police officer turned on the lights and then joined in the fun by razzing some of the kids about 'throwing like a granny'. 


Same parent said a bunch of fans piled into a truck to go through the drive-through at McDonals. Well, of course you can't have passengers floating around in the back of a pickup and the Winner police kinda heckled them as they ordered and then picked up seven ice-cream cones and drove straight back to their hotel. 


How about the lady in the concession stands making burgers and hot dogs? She's manned the grill all season and despite one of her grills burning up mid-tournament, there stood a brand new, bigger and better Coleman grill the next day. It's 105 degrees everyday and she's out grilling in it and running around behind that concession stand rarely getting a chance to sit down and watch baseball....That's true grit right there. 


Not surprised when the gate totals after one day nearly ecplised the gate from the entire state tourney from a year ago. By the end, the gate receipts added another zero on the end from last year's total, somewhere well over 10-thousand dollars. 


Over the years I've seen a lot of Winner baseball. Especially this season, I've paid attention to all levels and it's pretty clear by the volunteer coaches and the folks that help out that Winner/Colome cares about their baseball.  


Great tournament Winner....that was awesome!

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