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Trent Kingsbury and the No. 3 seeded WWSSC Blackhawks begin their road to the DOME by hosting MVP

Welcome to the 11B conversation WWSSC - 11B breakdown
Oct 19, 2017

By Rich Winter

First of all wanted to give a shout-out to the Woonsocket/Wessington-Springs/Sanborn Central coaching staff. Head coach Jason Kolousek and assistants, Corety Flatten, Armando Rodriquez, Will Walker and Kyle Gerlach. What a year it has been for the WWSSC Blackhawks who enter tonight's playoff game with a 7-1 record and a welcome ticket to the big boys of 11B football. 


What makes the WWSSC performance so special this year is this team moved up from the ranks of 9AA to 11B and just hit the ground running. Tough move going up where you have to add two players, run your offense differently and account for all kinds of depth issues as more players need to rotate in to keep the troops fresh. 

Beat Winner, and you start to raise some eyebrows and the Blackhawks did that, sending a ripple through the 11B field with last Friday's 21-14 win over the Warriors. 

"It's a huge win for our program," WWSSC coach Jason Kolousek said. "Winner, they are the class of 11B. They are so disciplined and well coached. We just had to keep battling."


Tied at 14-14, Blackhawks QB Trent Kingsbury (real deal) hit Trey Weber for a 22-yard TD strike with 41 seconds to earn the 21-14 win and a date with MVP (another team moving up from 9AA) in the opening round of the 11B playoffs. 

WWSSC Big players:

* QB Kinsbury

* RB - John Witte - The Hammer 169 yards and a TD

* WWSSC outgained Winner 338-278.

Seven seniors on the roster including two Panic Button TUFFIES, Jordan Hines 6-0, 207 OL/DL and Devin Weber, 6-foot-4 255 (fire-hydrant with eyebrows)

Full slate of games tonight as 11B gets going...

Bennett County @ Groton

MOPO @ Aberdeen Roncalli

EPJ @ No. 1 Sioux Valley

Canton @ Sioux Falls Chrisitian

MVP @ WWSSC (As much as I want to say WWSSC is a heavy favorite in the game, and knowing the game temperature will be decent, Jesse Hastings still needs to be tackled...This one could be good)

McCook Central/Montrose @ BEE - TUFFEST 1st roud game

Stanley County @ Winner

Lead Deadwood @ Red Cloud


After tonight's games we reseed for the second round.

And that would be if all holds

No. 1 Sioux Valley

No. 2 Sioux Falls Christian


No. 4 - Winner

No. 5 BEE

No. 6 Red Cloud

Wait and see on No. 7 and No. 8 but...

Some pretty good quarters await, including a monster of a showdown with BEE @ Winner....PART 2...(ooooohhhh)


Analysis: Sioux Valley has been through the gauntlet and handled everyone pretty good to the point. I think eventually they punch their ticket to the state tournament, but BEE and Winner are both dangerous and until the purple and gold of Winner stops breathing, they are still the back-to-back 11B Champs. 


Should see the SFC and WWSSC semi, unless someone surprises from below....That could be delicious...


Let the games begin!!

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