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Because North Dakota teams don't want to play Standing Rock, the Sioux will be playing a heavy share of games in South Dakota this year.

Welcome to South Dakota, Standing Rock sports teams
Aug 8, 2017

By Rich Winter

Earlier this summer when I was visiting with Falcon football coach Bob Kornely who told me that Standing Rock, North Dakota was on the Falcons' schedule.


I was seriously kind of dumb-founded and asked, "Why the hell is Standing Rock on the schedule?"


"No one in North Dakota wants to play them because of the DAPL Pipeline Protest," Kornely told me.


I was actually quite dumb-founed by Kornely's answer as I never in a million years would have dreamed that the powers that would be would somehow hold the water protest against the kids and or the school in Standing Rock for the protests that drew national attention. 


I've never been quite able to understand how a large faction of people can't find merit in a people standing up for what our greatest natural resource is, WATER, and then to hold this against the Standing Rock Sioux??? SMH over and over again..


Well, all that aside, frankly, I'm kinda fired up to get a look at the Standing Rock sports teams. We see them a lot in basketball at Lakota Nation but this year I'm guessing Standing Rock is going to put some serious frequent flier mileage on the old school bus. 


Was looking for the Standing Rock schedule but can't find it yet...What I do know is that Standing Rock will be in Mission playing the Todd County Falcons on Sep. 29.


How cool is that?


Guessing that because of the situation in North Dakota we will be seeing a little more of the Cross country and volleyball teams as wel.


Welcome...Can't wait to see ya!!







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