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Ogden Utah is getting a heck of a Missionary...

We are TRULY gonna miss THE FLASH
Sep 24, 2017

By Rich Winter

Came across the most curious post on Facebook this afternoon. Recently graduated Todd County student/athlete Jesse Allen announced that as he is leaving for a 2-year church mission for The Church of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons) and while he isn't leaving until Nov. 15 he is deleting his Facebook account so that he can get his mind right for the next journey of his life. 


I gotta say, I am going to miss seeing the face of what I think is an exceptional young man. I don't know if I've ever seen a high school youth simply embrace the high-school experience quite like Jesse Allen. 


I could remark on all of Allen's athletic accomplishments, but this young man is way more than some of his really good sports stories might tell ya. 


GO BIG BLUE - For the past few years Allen has embraced the roll of crowd energizer and you have seen a better and more revved up student section at TC as of late. He just graduated and he's still going to home games showing he's still cool in school.


* Multiple-time All State Chorus Selection and sang the national anthem a few times at TC games

* Actor - Brilliant performance as the voice of the plant in the "Little Shop of Horrors" production this spring. 

* Student * Mentor * Leader

One of my favorite things I've seen for Jesse Allen is some very quality sportsmanship. At EVERY track meet, Allen says hello to his competitors, congratulates everyone. At every basketball game if he knocks someone down he picks them back up. If he fouls someone he says I'm sorry (usually). 

I've always enjoyed seeing Allen visit with recently graduated Lower Brule senior, Iren Grassrope. The pair had a lot of races against one another, flip-flopping results a number of times, but they just seemed to enjoy each others company and often hung out together during the meets. Doesn't matter if its a runner from Hill City or Crazy Horse or Burke/South-Central, Allen just got in there and said hello..


This young man is an Eagle Scout!


There have been a lot of exceptional Allen's that have come through the Todd County School District, but this Jesse fella, well he's just a quality person through and through.


Enjoy your experience and Ogden Utah is getting a heck of a young man....We'll be expecting a full report in two years, 39 days, four hours and 16 seconds.


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