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Winner captured the 4x100 at Howard Wood

WINNER captures TWO Howard Wood relay TITLES
May 7, 2017

By Rich Winter

After finishing third in Friday's SPECIAL 200 after a not-so-great start, Winner's Cameron Kuil got after it during Saturday's events.


The SDSU bound Winner senior ran a blistering 48-second 400 leg (Split from the stands) to get his Winner team in contention in a loaded field of the Medley relay.


Although Winner eventually finished 9th in the event, they ran a seasons best time in the event, clocking a 3:41.31 to have the 4th best overall time in Class A this season. 


And then, Winner got serious.


In the 800 meter relay, the quartet of Riley Calhoon, Drew DeMers, Brady Fritz and Cameron Kuil captured a hallowed Howard Wood title. 

The effort by Kuil was behemoth as he brought his team back from a 10-meter deficit to turn back a great run from Sioux Falls Christian.

1. Winner 1:31.52

2. SF Christian 1:31.81

Kuil really had to push at the end of that race and the effort caused him to lean and then crash to the track after the effort.

In the 4x100 the Winner guys ran great!

Calhoon exploded out of the blocks, handed in rhythm to a full-speed Isaac Naasz. Mr. Dave and Busters got it to Drew DeMers (didn't see the handoff) and then DeMers got it to Kuil.


About the same thing as the 4x200, as Kuil had about 5 meters to make up with about 50 to go.


A low rumble could be heard through the crowd as Kuil put it in high gear to give Winner another awesome relay title.


Again, see the Facebook photos of the stretch run, as seen on the Howard Wood scoreboard...


So awesome to win Relay Titles at Howard Wood, and Winner came back with two to put in the trophy case. 


Kind of a fun personal moment for me to hear the announcer trip over the name Winner...And the Winner is WINNER...

Nice job fellas.

More on the ladies coming soon!

Brozik, Ellie HS Girls 100 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
59 13.55 2.0 9
Brozik, Kayleb HS Boys 400 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
37 53.89 6
Fritz, Brady HS Boys Triple Jump
(Final Results)
Kuil, Cameron HS Boys 200 Meter Dash Special Event
(Final Results)
3 22.17 -0.6
Moleterno, Izak HS Boys 3,200 Meter Run
(Final Results)
64 10:35.90 1
Moleterno, Izak HS Boys 1,600 Meter Run
(Final Results)
68 4:51.37 1
Schroeder, Jayden HS Boys Shot Put
(Final Results)
29 45-03.00 13.79m
Schuyler, Sidda HS Girls 3,200 Meter Run
(Final Results)
23 11:40.44 1
Schuyler, Sidda HS Girls 1,600 Meter Run
(Final Results)
45 5:30.60 1
  HS Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Class A
(Final Results)
1 44.27 4
  HS Boys 4×200 Meter Relay Class A
(Final Results)
1 1:31.52 4
  HS Boys 1,600 Mtr Sprint Medley Class A
(Final Results)
9 3:41.31 3
  HS Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Class A
(Final Results)
23 54.45 1
  HS Girls 4×200 Meter Relay Class A
(Final Results)
17 1:52.54 3
  HS Girls 4×400 Meter Relay Class A
(Final Results)
10 4:15.15 2
  HS Girls 4×800 Meter Relay Class A
(Final Results)
4 9:54.11
  HS Girls 1,600 Mtr Sprint Medley Class A
(Final Results)

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