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Winner 7th-grader Kade Watson finished 2nd in the Region 7A championships with a little help from his friend, Izak Moleterno

WATSON, with a little help from his friend
May 20, 2017

By Rich Winter

One of the really fun stories for me this FIELD and track season has been the development of Winner 7th-grader Kade Watson. The young man who had a real scare with an open-heart surgery last fall is a fighter and all season long he's been pointing to the Region meet to try to qualify for the state track meet. 


Knowing watson's a fighter, I smiled inside when he didn't give it everything in the mile run, and finished well off his seasons best, but still medaled with an 8th place finish.

Boys 1600 Meter Run
 Meet Record: R 4:40.33  2007        Alexander Wilson, Pine Ridge              
                4:42.30  HH
    Name              Year School                  Finals                        Points
  1 Moleterno, Izak     12 Winner                 4:54.59                   10   
  2 Allen, Jesse        12 Todd County            4:56.40                    8   
  3 DuBray, Elliot      12 Bennett Coun           5:06.78                    6   
  4 Boltz, Chase        11 St. Francis            5:17.78                    5   
  5 Wilson, Shelby      10 Pine Ridge             5:19.31                    4   
  6 Whalen, Jeremiah    10 Red Cloud              5:23.75                    3   
  7 Old Horse, Trenton  11 Little Wound           5:27.00                    2   
  8 Watson, Kade         7 Winner                 5:27.28  

Watson was saving a little something for his race, the TUFFEST race of them all, the 2-mile. 


Very cold Thursday, and windy and as the gun went off, Watson didn't immediately go after the two leaders, Elliot DuBray of Bennett County and Chase Boltz of St. Francis Indian School. Nope, he stayed back and ran side by side with Winner senior, Izak Moleterno. 


Moleterno is already prequalified in the 1600 and 3200, and as his trip to the state meet was secure, he had just one job, tow his buddy to the finish line. 


Around they went, Watson on the inside, Moleterno on the outside, blocking the wind and offering words of encouragement to his buddy during each passing lap. 


Even when DuBray and Boltz extended the lead to 70 meters, Watson and Moleterno stayed within themselves.


After a mile, the pair were down on second place by 60 meters.

After five laps complete, they were down by 50.

Six laps down by 40...

And then they pounced!


By the time the 7th lap was complete, Watson was right behind Boltz and he just kept coming.


DuBray won the race but Watson, surged into second and earned th coveted state berth, as a 7th-grader...with his training partner and escort, following two-steps behind.


Really great stuff from two exceptional young people!

Boys 3200 Meter Run
 Meet Record: R 10:27.09  2010        Donovan Brother Of All, Winner           
                10:29.90  HH
    Name              Year School                  Finals                        Points
  1 DuBray, Elliot      12 Bennett Coun          11:20.12                   10   
  2 Watson, Kade         7 Winner                11:23.96                    8   
  3 Moleterno, Izak     12 Winner                11:24.46                    6   
  4 Boltz, Chase        11 St. Francis           11:40.56                    5

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