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The winning jump for Chamberlain senior Tiegen Priebe at the South Dakota Class A state track meet

Tiegen Priebe - That was totally WICKED
May 30, 2017

By Rich Winter

Man, gotta throw up a little on Dakota Wesleyan freshman and recently graduated Chamberlain senior, Tiegen Priebe. By now I would think the press-clippings have gotten far enough that most people know Priebe had these results at the South Dakota state track meet. 

1st - Long Jump - 22'7" - Chamberlain school record and state champ. 

2nd - Triple jump - 45'4" (2nd by two inches)

400 meters: 3rd - 50.20 (behind 2nd by .02)

 4 x 400 - 6th - 3:34.05 (Carson Powers, Riggs Priebe, Rich Maron and Tiegen Priebe.


While those numbers racked up 27 points for the Chamberlain Cubs, they don't begin to tell the story of a hell of an athlete that battled through a grueling first-day schedule. 


Long Jump:

 Don't know if people really think about the energy that goes into a long jump competition. Through prelims and finals the athletes get six jumps.


That's liniing up, going all-out with a 40-meter sprint, inching for the board, thrusting off that board with jettisoning arms that complete only when every last ounce of oomph is given and the body lands in the sand. 


Do that six times....Priebe got out to 22'7" on his first jump but had to watch as Madison junior, Jaxon Janke got within an inch, 22'6" late in the competition. 

* It took 21-7 to make finals in this competition...Probably the deepest and most competitive Class A field ever assembled in this event and Priebe won it!


Triple jump follows the long jump: 

It's really a shame the state track schedule doesn't allow athletes to showcase at least one of their specialties during the Finals on Saturday in Sioux Falls.


But, the triple jump followed the long jump so there he went.

Six more jumps...

That's 40 meters of sprinting, a HOP, skip and a JUMP to get to the pit on six consecutive attempts. (It's work)


And this is where it gets tricky...In the middle of the triple jump comes the qualifying for the 400 meters.


So, stop jumping, go out on the track and run a 50.46 qualifying time and then go back and finish jumping...(With what legs).


So then, after six hours of jumping and waiting around and stretching and warming up and cooling down, and keeping loose for six hours, and running that open 400...Priebe ran the anchor leg of the mile relay that also advanced to the finals.


Holy crap that's a big day!!

And so, after jumping in an ice-bath with his Chamberlain mates, all Priebe had to do Saturday was run a 400 where he clocked a lifetime best of 50.20...Oh yeah and the mile relay. 


After all the work that was done Friday and early Saturday, you could have forgiven Priebe if he mailed the last one in...



 Passes two guys coming down the anchor leg of the mile relay to ensure 6th place rather than eighth (3 points vs. 1 for the team), Priebe powered down the home stretch one more time to cap off a stellar career as a Chamberlain Cub.

Tremendous team effort: 

Chamberlain freshman Nash Hutmacher came on like the competitor he is and finished 4th in the shot-put and discus.


That's ten big points from the big-guy and the over 51-feet as a freshman has this field event guy foaming at the mouth for what might be.

Couple other notes:

3rd - Ella Byers - Wow, a 2:15 for the Chamberlain sophomore, trailing only 5-time state champ Tori Glazier of Custer and St. Thomas More 8th grader Haleigh Timmer...Likely the fastest Class A race with three girls right there.


Avany Long jumped 16-2 during the long jump and just missed finals. 


Lucas Lopez ran a 2:11 - 800 meters.


Rich Marone - Great career up at Chamberlain

Riggs Priebe - 300 hurdles state champ in 2018?


Anyway, had a blast following Chamberlain this year. Really, really loved how the coaching staff molded, shaped and helped this group get better as the year went along.


And DWU, I think they know exactly what they are getting: One HELL of an athlete!!

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