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Kimball freshman Bennett Namanny is undergoing open heart surgery

Thoughts and Prayers as Kimball freshman undergoes open-heart SURGERY
Oct 4, 2017

Just wanted to pass along a Facebook post from Kristina Sprik this morning as she was sending well wishes to her friends Shane and Jenn Namanny as their son, Bennett Namanny is undergoing heart suregry this morning. 

Kristina Sprik - "Please add our friends Shane and Jenn Namanny and their son Bennett Namanny to your prayers list this morning & in the days ahead as he has just went in for open heart surgery. Please guide the surgeon's hands and the staff as well🕇 Hugs & prayers to you all Shane NamannyJennifer NamannyTy Namanny & Harley"


From the family: Today we have decided to go with the Ross Procedure. Bennett's aortic valve will be replaced with his pulmonary valve. His pulmonary valve will then be replaced with a cadaver valve. 


We are going to spend some valuable time tonight and get some good rest. 


We are asking you all to please send many, many prayers to Bennett, surgeon, and to the medical team. 


We want to thank all of you for the support and prayers you have already given us! We love you all!


Thoughts and prayers folks for this family!!

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