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Nellie Long's Pine Ridge Thorpes were the Region 7A regular season champs

Thorpes and Warriors Region 7A favorites BUT, lack of of officials shuffles 7A schedule
Oct 25, 2017

By Rich Winter

It has been a terrific season of volleyball in Region 7A. Most of the teams have wrapped up their schedules with just one match remaining, St. Francis@ Pine Ridge on Thursday, Oct. 26. While that match won't adjust the current power-points or seedings, a lack of officials changes the landscape of the 7A tournament. 


This from Bennett County Athletic Director, Bert Ready for the upcoming schedule: Due to the lack of officials, all first round volleyball games will be held at the number 2 seed, which is Winner at this time. Here is what we have from Bert Ready for a schedule

Monday, Oct. 30 to be held at site of #2 seed
#4 vs. #5 4:00 MT (5:00 CT) Bennett County vs. Red Cloud
#3 vs. #6 5:30 MT (6:30 CT) Little Wound vs. Todd County
#2 vs. #7 7:00 MT (8:00 CT) Winner vs. St. Francis
#1 receives a BYE - Pine Ridge
Thursday, November 2, to be held at site of #1 seed (Ridge)
Winner of #3/#6 vs. winner of #2/#7 5:00 MT (6:00 CT)
Winner of #4/#5 vs. #1 seed 6:30 MT (7:30 CT)
At the conclusion of the Region 7A matches that will be held in Pine Ridge, the remaining 16 teams, from eight different regions, will be re-seeded with No. 1 vs. No. 16, No. 2 vs. No. 15 ets....
Tuesday, November 7 Sweet Sixteen 
Winners of Thursday’s matches advance time and site to be determined
Here are your current Region 7A standings: 


Region 7Seed PointsW-L
Pine Ridge 42.61 22-6
Winner 41.64 19-9
Little Wound 39.88 13-12
Bennett County 38.92 10-16
Red Cloud 38.74 12-19
Todd County 36.73 8-22
St. Francis Indian 35.48 4-21

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