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Chase Boltz digs deep to finish 4th at Region meet...

The State x-country MEET owes Chase Boltz ONE - Warriors ready to RUMBLE
Oct 20, 2017

By Rich Winter

Very fired up while attending the Region 4A cross country meet in Chamberlain last week to hear Miller Athletic Director Darin Hunter call the name of the St. Francis boys as third-place finisher of the meet. St. Francis gets athletes to the state meet but they rarely get a team to the event...Dang proud of all the work that Totes Waln and Karita Marshall and Gabe Good Shield do for the kids over there and am quite impressed how well the SF boys and girls teams came along this season. 


The State meet owes Chase Boltz: 

Not sure if a lot of people remember this but early in last year's state cross-country meet, someone spiked off Chase Boltz's shoe. The then junior ran about 2.5 miles of the 3.1 mile course with one shoe and still managed to finish 32nd. 


Ok, so, Botz was coming on late last year and had he been a two-shoed man, he likely would have made it into the top-25 and earned his first podium appearance of a solid cross-career at St. Francis Indian School. To add insult to injury, the shoe never showed up....SF walked the course, asked around...the shoe never showed itself. 


At last week's Region 4A meet, Boltz, who always comes on strong at the end of the season, finished 4th, just where he did as a junior. Note here: The guy who finished 5th was Stanley County senior, Cale Meiners...Meiners was 26th at the state meet last year, just missing the podium, so Boltz is right where he needs to be. 


Senior Donald Aquallo will be making his last run at the state meet. He and freshman, Traven Traversie are both capable of making the podium...If that happens, and depending on what SF's 4th runner, usually Drake Ewing does, SF could be up there. 


For the girls, Sonnie Scott made the state meet...

Enjoy the fun and run your BUTTS off...Good luck


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