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The Roubideaux family loves them some WINNER football

The Roubideaux's love them some WINNER football
Aug 29, 2017

By Rich Winter

Getting ready to shut down my Panic Button Facebook page....as everything is moving over to Panic Button LIVE - https://www.facebook.com/PanicButtonLIve/?ref=br_rs

but, in going through my messages on my old Panic Button page, I came across something in my in-box from Nov. of 2016 that I hadn't seen. 


Jennifer Roubideaux reached out last year after the football season after a 'Your in good hands' article about what would be left from a monstrous graduating class from 2017. 


Well, Roubideaux noted that one of the returners this year would be her son, Adrian Josiah Roubideaux. I find it interesting when teams graduate a bunch of guys that it takes a moment for my brain to click in. With all the beef that graduated from those lines a year ago, people had to step up, right?


One of those guys stepping into a new number and a new position from TE is Winner senior, AJ Roubideaux. Might have been the ultimate compliment that in the first game of the season, Sioux Falls Christian, double and sometimes triple teamed the now, 6-foot-2, 255 lb. junior. 


Here is the scouting report from mom: "AJ has been a Winner Warrior football player since sixth grade. One hell of a heavy hitter!! His helmet has taken a serious beating."


Well, that may be true, but that heavy hitting seems to run in the family. Cousin, Jay Brandis, #65 from the 2012 championship was also a heavy hitter.


Any conincidene that Roubideaux changed his number to #65 this season? Hmmmm, interesting!


Roubideaux has another cousin on the roster this year, Jerry Long Crow, who is a junior. 


"We are a proud Winner Warrior family," Roubideaux wrote to me last year. 


But, the real Winner football fan in the house, AJ's grandmother Ardith passed away in 2015. 


I'll let Jennifer tell the rest of the story!


"I know coach Aaker has big plans for my boy. AJ wants to be a Marine. He is my true Akicita," Roubideaux said. 


Roubideaux and the Winner Warriors travel to Hartford Friday for a date with a West Central team that lost to Tea Area, 35-14. 





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