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The Philip family will be HUNTER STRONG as the Scotties take on Kadoka tonight
Aug 17, 2017

By Rich Winter

When the Philip Scotties take to the field tonight you can bet the crowd, the players, the community and an extended family across South Dakota will be thinking about Huter Peterson who was injured in a work-related accident this week. 


Hope someone has that game on the radio and it carries to Rapid City so young Mr. Peterson can have the opportunity to close his eyes for a moment and listen to the fellas getting after it.


Always amazed by the outpouring of prayers and support that come when something like this happens. Philip wrestler Kaylor Pinney posted a link to Dakota Grappler telling people about the events of the accident and the outpouring of support was immediate and from as far away as the Canton C-Hawks who extended their support.


"Terrible news!  The Canton Wrestling Team and community prayers and thoughts go out to the Philip community and Peterson family.  Great kid, had a blast watching him and getting to know him at fresh/soph duals.  We will be praying for you."


Jackie and Brad Heltzel started a fundraising site where t-shirts are being made and sold to help the family offset the costs of travel and medical expenditures.


Some pretty cool t-shirts with HUNTER STRONG on the front.


To contribute to that fund you can go here....



As you can imagine, not having Mr. Peterson on the field tonight is a big deal for the football players. Here are some of their thoughts.


Dawson Reedy - As I lay here in bed, all I can think about is Hunter Peterson. I can still remember when we were in elementary school and we would race to your house and play football in your front yard or go inside and play Madden on the Xbox. It is an honor to have a friend with a heart as big as yours and it's heart breaking to know I'm going to put my jersey on tomorrow night and play the first game of my senior year without you. Everyone is rooting for you and you are in so many peoples prayers, keep your head up.


Kaylor Pinney - It hurts alot, he's been playing with us since we started. He always had the best hands on the playground, we've been neighbors for a long time so when we were younger we would meet up and play catch or run patterns. I plan on taking hunters jersey down to the field with us. And all of us were gonna play hard no matter what, but Hunter told us one thing. Don't take it for granted. The words "run every sprint, hit every tackle, and play every play, like it could be your last" are written on a board in our locker room to remind all of us that at any moment we could lose all of this so play like tonight could be the last time you get to put on a philip scotties football uniform.


Conner Dekker - As for the jersey, it's just strange. It's only my third year of football (6th grade, junior, senior) and each year I've been Hunters teammate. Hunter is kind of kid every team needs, he really keeps everyone in the game and he somehow just has an never ending supply of energy. So, suiting up for the first game of my senior year without one of my best friends will be strange.
There is no family quite like a wrestling family and Philip is one of those communities that just lives, breathes, eats and sleeps wrestling. Hope people will take the time to contribute to the costs and just continue to keep this young man in their thoughts and prayers. 


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