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The NEXT Play
Nov 14, 2017

We are taking this time to thank Rich Winter for his contributions to LiveTicket.tv, as the ORIGINAL Panic Button.

As noted yesterday Rich moved on in his personal and professional life, moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, and we wish him SUCCESS and the BEST in his future endeavors!  The Desert News gained a good one!

Can you replace the "Panic Button"?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Rich's perspective, style, and delivery were ONE OF A KIND!  He will be truly missed by many including the remaining bloggers at PanicButton.Live


In the SPIRIT of the ORIGINAL we will collectively continue to bring you coverage of your local schools, teams, coaches, players, etc. We are COMMITTED to covering these hidden gems of successes, failures, journies, and tribulations in South Dakota High School athletics.

As you have done in the past, we invite you to submit your stories or ideas for stories to our Facebook page @PanicButtonLive or email us at panic.button@sportsticket.tv

If interested in becoming a part of our blog community and dropping gems on local or regionals topics to the entire state of South Dakota...  drop us a line!  We would love to EXPAND our continued coverage.

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