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Ipswich runner Macy Heinz announced today she will miss her senior season of track after having foot surgery

South Dakota shocker - 20-time state champion to miss senior season
Apr 3, 2017

By Rich Winter

Some really sad news coming out of Ipswich today as Macy Heinz, the 20-time state track champion announced that she is having foot surgery today and will miss her senior season.


Wow, that is tuff news for Heinz who had herself a heck of a career, maybe the best prep career of any South Dakota track athlete. 


Over a five year career at Ipswich, Heinz won four events at the state meet, five consecutive years. 


That's just ridiculous!


Add to that the range she's shown, winning titles in the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 meters.


That's just ridiculous!


In a story first reported in the Aberdeen American News, a broken bone in her foot will require surgery, along with six weeks of no weight bearing on the foot.


Apparently, Heinz had been running with some discomfort for awhile.


She will be fine for the start of her career at USD next fall.


Man, what a tough way to go out for Heinz. She has dominated Class B track for so long and been such a brightly shining star for the Ipswich track program.

She will be missed.

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