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South Central South Dakota mourns the loss of one TUFF Cowgirl
Aug 31, 2017

By Rich Winter

Was very sad to see the news yesterday that Carter resident, Cleo Barry passed away yesterday after a long battle with breast cancer. 


Wanted to share a story about Cleo Barry:

A couple of years during her battle with cancer, I asked Cleo if she would do an interview with me for the Todd County paper about her experience. It was a bit awkward to request an interview, but it was Breast Cancer Awareness month and Barry agreed to be interviewed. 


Always kind of challenging to talk about cancer, but, one of the questions I asked her during the interview was how her experience of getting cancer affected her and her daughters, Taylor and Tawny. 


"One of the things that my getting cancer did was really open up the dialouge with my daughters," Barry basicall said. "We talked about how important getting regular exams are, what things to look for and what ages should they start looking for things."


Thought that was a very powerful message!!


Barry was very public about her battle with cancer. She posted photos, even when she lost her hair. But she fought, and fought and fought...and I think she brought the C word a little more out in the open with her fight. 


Encourage young ladies to find out the kind of information that Barry was sharing with her daughters. Encourage everyone to talk about this CANCER word a little more. 


Cleo Barry must have been so proud to see daughter Tawny win the NCAA Collegiate Goat Tying championship earlier this year. I wrote a good story for the Todd County Tribune a while back but never got around to blogging about our LITTLE Champ from Carter.


One of the things Tawny shared when we talked was that she was riding her victory lap around the stadium, she found her parents and pointed at them with the biggest smile any Carter Cowgirl ever had. 


And so, our deepest condalances from Rich Winter (Panic Button), Jody Brozik and Betsy Watzel of Liveticket.tv, all of Winner, and really your entire community and your extended family and friends across South Dakota and the Rodeo Community!!


Cleo Barry: You taught us, your inspired us and most of all you brought us forward.




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