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Sully Buttes athletes leaving it all on the track

Sometimes a picture doesn't tell the ENTIRE story
May 11, 2017

By Rich Winter

Was walking around the Pentagon Friday visiting with Allan Bertram just taking in the sites of a wonderful facility in Sioux Falls. We were jibber-jabbering about a little of everything. Somewhere in the conversation we wandered over to Sully Buttes.


"Why are those kids always good up there," I asked Bertram.


"Oh man, they get em in the gym early up there, a lot of community involvement," he told me. 


And so, I casually kept my eyes open for Sully Buttes through the whole track meet. 


I did not see the two shot-put girls, but, Lauren Wittier and Chloe Lamb are ranked No. 5 and No. 6 in that event. 

5. Wittler, Lauren 37'09.00" Sully Buttes        
6. Lamb, Chloe 37'04.25" Sully Buttes

Did happen to see Rachel Guthmiller qualify for the finals in the Howard Wood discus. She currently has the third best throw in all of Class B. 


Sully Buttes always seems to work their way into contention in the girls medley relay. They currently have the 13th fastest time in Class B, but, somehow I think they'll make their way into the B finals. 


I found the picture used for this piece kind of interesting. When you look at it things look pretty normal. A kid handing off to another kid in lane one of the Class B 4 x 200.


But, what I didn't capture in sequential sequence was that the exact moment the Sully Buttes kid handed the baton off, he literally stopped dead on the spot, legs wobbling, the grind of his effort wiped all across his face and inched off the track to a waiting infield. 


I don't bring up the after-math of the photo to scold of make fun of the relay guy from Sully Buttes. What I found interesting was that he gave every single last ounce of effort into his realy leg.


There was no more in the tank, he was done!


Isn't that what they say you are supposed to do....Leave it ALL on the TRACK?


Nice Sully Buttes, see u in two weeks!

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