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Todd County hosts Milbank in 11A action

Something SPECIAL about 2017 FALCON football
Oct 26, 2017

By Rich Winter

Later this afternoon Bob Kornely's 7-2 Todd County Falcons will host the 6-3 Milbank Bulldogs in the first round of the 11A playoffs. While the Bulldogs are referenced as one of the best defensive squads in the 11A playoffs, the Falcons have one of the most expolosive offenses in 11A that has scored 440 points, or an average of 49 points per game. 


That game will be webcast at tcfalcons.live with the kick slated for 6:00 p.m.


Some awesome stuff going on in Todd County this season:

Not sure if everyone is aware of this but Falcon junior RB, Mark Rogers broke his foot on a non-contact play when he scored a TD against St. Francis several weeks ago. Felt bad for Mark, who has had a couple of knee injuries and now misses the St. Thomas More game and this playoff game after having a spectacular year. 

* Mark Rogers 1367 yards rushing, 16 TD's - Can't tell ya how proud I am of Mark....Had a really tough year last season with the knee injury in football and was never quite right in basketball. Great progress academically this year for Mark and the stats on the field don't lie. Really excited for this young man's future!!


So, Rogers breaks his foot in the St. Francis game....Uh-Oh, what is a team going to do?


Well, something actually kind of amazing happened in the St. Thomas More game where the Falcons erupted for 32 points.


So, Bryant Burnette, who had been playing quarterback all year, suddenly switches to halfback and carries the rock 18 times for 84 (ish) yards against St. Thomas More. Earlier this week Falcon coach Bob Kornely called Burnette their most physical runner.


So, who played quarterback?


Well, senior David Espinoza did...And he wasn't bad..in fact, pretty dang good!

* David Espinoza vs. STM - 7-15 for 128 yards and 2 TD's. 

I asked coach Kornely about Espinoza making the transition from wingback/TE to QB and doing so well in his first start. 

Kornely parapharased - Well, we had been playing David a little bit at QB this year, and he played the position for us a bit when he was a freshman...But, David is one of the smartest kids on the team and he just picks stuff up instantly and has a photographic memory. 


While Espinoza is a senior, the skill guys on this roster are all juniors. 

* Bryant Burnette 

* Mark Rogers

* Josh Rowland - Rowland absolutely torched the STM reserves with a 4 TD performance. Finished the game with like 380 yards of total offense. Rowland has 402 yards of rushing (7 TD's) with 595 yards receiving, (8 TD's). Kornely was just marveling that a TE/WR had 7 rushing TD's this season. 


The offensive line play has been ridiculous:

Everywhere I go I hear about the pulling guard tandem of Jayden Kettell and Joe Gabaldon. Big guys, TUFF guys that can run and have done a heck of a job blocking. Some heavies up front like Dineh Black Horse and Waylon Marshall that have been TUFF to run on and filled in on the offensive line. 


DEAN BUCHANAN - Only four seniors on this roster, Dineh Black Horse, Joe Gabaldon, David Espinoza and Buchanan. Buchanan has some speed and is another option on offense and a shut-down corner on defense. 


Todd County team speed is off the charts: 

Had the opportunity to watch this Falcon team a few weeks back and holy are there some athletes on this team. Junior Brenden Waln just gets better every time he steps on the field. Diamond Young has shown talent on both sides of the ball and seems to have a knack for the game and a toughness about him. Fullback William Marshall is a 4.8 guy that weighs 195 pounds, junior, is someone Kornely is already itching to see go out for track this season. Freshman Lancer White Feather just seems to show up in the box-score every week. And guys like Trent Poignee and Ashaun Roach seem to be waiting in the wings for their turn when called upon. 


Really enjoyed seeing this team play. Seemed like EVERYONE has bought into the program this year and everyone is playing for everyone. Lotta great academic turnarounds on this team this year and OH BABY, there have been highlights galore. 


Don't know how this game is going to shake out tonight. Milbank is one of those east river teams that has played a very TUFF and competitive schedule. It's going to be windy and cold, Bulldogs had a long bus ride...This could get interesting. 


Milbank better bring it because this Falcon TEAM is for real!



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