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Barbara Hockenbary

Signs of life for White River boys team
Apr 20, 2017

By Rich Winter

Really like going through photos and looking for little details of a great performance or even that of an athlete coming along. Chose the photo for this blog because I just love the expression on White River freshman Tyson Iyotte's face.


It's the first lap of the 800 meters and you can tell that Iyotte is still feeling good. Face relaxed, good form, good arms, right where he needs to be with the rest of the guys running the race.


Down the stretch, St. Francis Indian School senior Chase Boltz pulled away for the win in 2:16. Iyotte wasn't behind by much, finishing 3rd with a 2:22.


Really excited this freshman group of boys over in White River decided to go out for track this spring. Some really great basketball talent coming up the pipe in White River and I'm just pleased as punch to see those guys getting better everytime they take the track.


Good day for Iyotte as he finished tied for 2nd, but set a lifetime best of 5-7....I like where this event is going for a young buck that looks like he has some hops.


Love the photo of Nick Sayler jumping out of the blocks with Iyotte in there holding them. I've thought all year long that this kid looks like he really puts in some off the court training and you can tell he likes track or at least likes the work aspect of the sport. 


Sayler came home 3rd in the 400 for White River, but, with a time of 56.4 he's getting down there.

Hmmm, medley in the cards here in a minute.


Isaiah Sorace and Sayler had a great handoff at last week's Bennett County meet, and Sorace is certainly someone to watch in the short sprints here in a minute.


Keep it up guys...Love it!

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