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MVP running back Jesse Hastings had a superb career with the Titans

Shout to MVP's Jesse Hastings
Nov 8, 2019

By THEE Panic Button

On this most hallowed of evenings in South Dakota, the SEMIS of the high-school football playoffs, wanted to give a shout out to MVP senior RB, Jesse Hastings. This young man has been such a SOLID performer for MVP in football, wrestling and track for the past few seasons.


Hastings wrapped up his high-school football career last week in a 29-22 lost to the undefeated Webster Bearcats. Wish I had the stats, but kind of assuming he's in that maybe 4000 yards for a career kind of guy. He was big when he started high-school and he's been one of the most BRUISING RB's in South Dakota for the past season.


Wanted to share one of Hastings' social media posts following that loss to Webster.


There’s always a reason for a loss, but there’s never a reason not to learn from them. The richest and the most accomplished people in the world became those because of failure. Because´┐╝ every time they failed they tried again and again and again. Senior we might not go back on to that field as a Titan, but we will enter the world as one. Forever my favorite quote(“ It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward. THATS HOW WINNING IS DONE.-Rocky Balboa ”)
Being aTitan was the greatest experience of my life and I would not change a thing. I want to say to my Faith, Family, and friends that I deeply love and appreciate everything done for me - Jesse Hastings.


Saw another post from Hastings this morning...

If people haven’t heard I have a spiral break in my fibula. It happened last Thursday in my football game. I was informed today that I will be having surgery on it on Tuesday. Meaning I will not be able to wrestle this year because it’s a 3 month process.

If possible could you please pray for my family. Because I don’t want them to worry about me, everyone that knows me knows I will be looking on the bright side and will work through the pain - Jesse Hastings


Just love the positivity and character of this young man...Even in tough times this man has his head on straight and his priorities in order. His not wrestling this season will leave a gigantic void in the Class B wrestling scene as Hastings would have been a contendor for a state title. 


We at liveticket.tv would like to wish Mr. Hastings a very bright future. Hopefull we get to see him this spring in track. Big, FAST guy that was part of an MVP Class A 1600 Medley, State Meet Record a few years. back. 

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