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Shay VanDenHemel won the Ipswich cross-country race earlier in the week.

Shay VanDenHemel finding his form again
Sep 13, 2017

By Rich Winter

Had to take a peek at the Ipswich results from earlier in the week. Couple people/teams competing up there that I wanted to see how they did. 


Was a little bit surprised but very happy to see Stanley County senior, Shay VanDenHemel winning the race and dipping down to get a seasons best of 16:47 to win the event. Nice day for Beau DuBray from Timber Lake, who also dipped under 17-flat with a 16:51


Good stuff for VanDenHemel who finished 25th at the Class A state cross-country meet a year ago. I can't remember if Shay placed in the 2-mile his sophomore year but he was dipping down to 10-flat during the season and I thought he'd be huge in track last year.


I've never heard what, or if there was a problem, but VanDenHemel seemed to be laboring a lot last year and never really regained his form although he made it to state in a couple of months.


Young man looks healthy and like he's starting to round into pretty good shape. Teammage Cale Meiners was 5th at Ipswich, so these guys have each other to train off.


Very excited to get a look at VanDenHemel as he attackes the Chamberlain course on Thursday....Lotta talent there, but VDH should be right there with the big boys... 

1 Shay VanDenHemel Stanley County 16:47
2 Beau DuBray Timber Lake 16:51
3 Colton Weeldryer Ipswich 16:57
4 Wyatt Haux Ipswich 17:04
5 Cole Meiners Stanley County 17:14
6 Rhaecine Sam Wakpala 17:24
7 Max Geditz Ipswich 17:48
8 Connor Bertsch Miller 17:54
9 Chris Hass SBA 18:04
10 Kyle Hughes H-SA 18:12
11 Logan Rosenberger Stanley County 18:41
12 Andrew Sorenson Faulkton 18:48
13 Hunter Niederbaumer Faulkton 18:53
14 Michael Taken Alive McLaughlin 18:56
15 Ethan Fale Timber Lake 19:05
16 Isaac kraft Timber Lake 19:13
17 Camden Breitling Miller 19:14
18 Kamron Pearman Mobridge 19:15
19 Ryan Habeck Stanley County 19:26
20 Talon Knox Miller 19:27
21 Logan Kennedy Stanley County 19:28
22 Kaden Sivertsen Miller 19:38
23 Luke Jacob Ellendale 19:43
24 Blaze Thompson Mobridge-Pollock 19:45
25 Hunter Russel Miller 20:01
26 Alex Archambault McIntosh 20:17
27 Tude Taylor Ellendale 20:18
28 Alek Gibson Ellendale 20:20
29 Brayden Schlachter Potter County 20:24
30 Ian Wagner Ellendale 20:32
31 Cole Frank Leola 20:59
32 Eli Fanning Miller 21:31
33 Chad Good Shield Mobridge 22.16
34 John Hamre H-SA 22.18
35 Thomas Semmler Highmore 24:27
36 Josh Young Bird McLaughlin

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