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Allison Sebern and Macy Heinz enjoy a 'special' moment at Howard Wood

Sebern and Heinz have a SPECIAL moment at Howard Wood
May 7, 2017

By Rich Winter

I just love Howard Wood!

For a track guy like me, it's like full-on SPECTACULAR with terrific effort and moments littered all over the field and track. 


One of my favorite moments this year was strolling on the in-field and noticing that former Burke/South Central runner, and now SDSU runner, Allison Sebern was visiting with Ipswich senior, and soon to be University of South Dakota freshman Macy Heinz.


As you will notice by the crutches next to Heinz, she's in a walking boot, the result of a foot injury that is keeping her out of high school track her senior year.


After capturing 20-state title during a wicked career at Ipswich, Heinz had to shut it down for the greater good of what should be a terrific college career.


Sebern had herself a heck of a career as well, running against Heinz a bunch during her prep career, usually on the biggest stage, the state meet!


It's pretty obvious from the photo attached these two have developed a terrific friendship!


Sebern, competing in the college women's 400 meters finished 9th in her specialty with a 59.1

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