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Scotland's Tanner Skorepa is pre-qualified in the shot-put and just off the qualifying standard in the discus.

Scotland's Tanner Skorepa starting to make some NOIZE in Class B throws
May 14, 2017

By Rich Winter

With the track season winding up with this week's Region meet,'s Scotland thrower Tanner Skorepa picked the right time to start getting hot/far. 


At the GREAT PLAINS TRACK Meet THURSDAY meet, Skorepa notched wins in both of his specialties. 

Shot-put results:  Shot put: 1. Tanner Skorepa, S, 44-1; 2. Chandler Diede, S, 39-4.50; 3. Brady Hawkins, EP, 37-11; 4. Kade Hellmann, BH, 37-9; 5. Peyton Nelson, PG, 35-6; 6. Sam Comp, EP, 33-3.50.


Discus results: Discus: 1. Tanner Skorepa, S, 132-1; 2. Sam Comp, EP, 120-4.50; 3. Kade Hellmann, BH, 117-11.50; 4. Riley Stegmeier, PG, 98-5; 5. Riley Hellmann, BH, 92-10.50; 6. Braden Bruening, EP, 89-10.


While neither of those marks is likely to win the state competition, (Class B throws are loaded this year), Skorepa has an outside chance of reaching the podium in both events. 


Already pre-qualified in the shot-put, Skorepa will enter the Region meet knowing he's already going to state.

Shot Put - 44'08.00"
1. Ward, Xavier 55'03.75" Canistota        
2. Campbell, Matt 54'09.50" Colome        
3. Jenson, Jarett 53'02.50" Harding County        
4. Begeman, Trevor 52'03.50" Herreid/Selby Area        
5. Collins, Shane 49'07.00" Bison        
6. Trygstad, Bennet 48'04.50" Oldham-Ramona/Rutland        
7. Babcock, Tyler 46'11.00" Wolsey-Wessington        
8. Wolf, Riston 46'08.00" Oldham-Ramona/Rutland        
9. Skorepa, Tanner 46'07.00" Scotland

While Skorepa hasn't pre-qualified in the discus, he's hitting his stride at just the right time of year. 


Skorepa just missed a state qualifier Friday with a seasons best of 132-feet. That mark just missed the state qualifier of 134-3.

Current state qualifiers:

Discus Throw - 134'03.00"
1. Eppard, Austin 174'03.00" Chester Area        
2. Campbell, Matt 174'01.00" Colome        
3. Ching, Costner 159'02.00" Castlewood        
4. Rice, Grant 151'10.00" Gayville-Volin        
5. Ward, Xavier 149'02.00" Canistota        
6. Collins, Shane 148'10.00" Bison        
7. Jenson, Jarett 147'09.00" Harding County        
8. Begeman, Trevor 147'06.00" Herreid/Selby Area        
9. Fauth, Tucker 147'02.00" Eureka/Bowdle        
10. Bohlmann, Trey 145'11.00" Menno        
11. Trygstad, Bennet 145'00.00" Oldham-Ramona/Rutland        
12. Joachim, Jacob 144'06.00" Corsica-Stickney        
13. Bohle, Emmit 143'07.00" Herreid/Selby Area        
14. Cogdill, Colton 138'00.00" New Underwood        
15. Todd, Jon 137'03.00" De Smet        
16. Katus, Braydon 135'07.00" Lemmon        
17. Howard, Jacob 135'01.00" Sully Buttes        
18. Heltzel, Riley 134'11.00" Philip        
19. Fries, Zac 134'10.00" Langford Area        
20. O'Connor, Donovan 134'05.00" Lemmon

Discus is a funny event and sometimes due to form, scratches, wind and all sorts of thing, place-winners can come from the 2nd or 3rd flight event. 


Skorepa is 6-foot-6 and weighed 217 lbs. in football. 


Nice, long, lanky fella, senior, guessing he'll definately give it his best shot. 


Thus far, Skorepa is the only Scotland athlete pre-qualified for the state meet. 

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