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Ridge's LITTLE-GRONK busts a move
Aug 26, 2017

By Rich Winter

Okay, it might seem like I'm going a little heavy on Pine Ridge's Corey Brown this morning, but there is an explantion for why I'm posting a second video of the Pine Ridge junior this morning.


The highlight TD catch was awesome...it was fun, it was exciting, it was the money shot if you will. 


And then, I looked a little deeper into my Facebook account and saw the Realy PLAY OF THE DAY.


Alright, so check this play out...there are a lot of things to like about what's going on in this 10-second clip. 


1. Halen Bad Bear executes a perfect drop, turns, does not hesitate, and finds a wide-open Corey Brown across the middle.


2. The offensive line was perfection.


3. Brown, catches the ball across the middle, stiff-arms a guy and then just RUMBLES his way into the end-zone. 

That is a big-time play from everyone involved...South Dakota State, South Dakota, anyone...TE GALORE...


That's a pretty play!

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