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The Todd County boys captured the Region 3A cross-country title Thursday at Chamberlain
Kernit Grimshaw

Region title meant something to Todd County seniors
Oct 13, 2017

By Rich Winter

Pretty interesting seeing the Todd County cross-country team huddled together yesterday as the announcements for the Region 3A cross country meet in Chamberlain Thursday. 


While some of us knew the result already, it was an absolute gem to see the reaction from Todd County seniors, Morris Kills In Sight, Lee Sharpfish and Sam Grimshaw as the Todd County boys were crowned Region champs. 


Arm in arm the Todd County boys sat not knowing the results. One by one the team points were announced...When it was announced the St. Francis Warriors finished third (qualified for state), the Falcon brethern gave a big cheer. When it was announced Stanley County was second, all heck broke loose as an almost stunned Falcon boys team celebrated the moment. 


For the three seniors, Kills In Sight, Sharpfish and Grimshaw, the region title was the culmination of a ton of work, a ton of miles and a ton of effort. 


Region CHAMPS!!

Todd County 42, Stanley County 44, St. Francis 52, Miller 68, Winner 69.


Truth be told the Falcon cross team looks like they are going to be a power for awhile as their top three runners, Xavier Little Thunder, TJ Allen and Jacob Wike are freshman, 8th grader and a sophomore. 


But, for one shining moment, the Falcon seniors wrapped their hands around the hardware and didn't let go of it until late, LATE in the evening. 



1st - Shay VanDenHemel - Stanley County - 16:12

6th - Xavier Little Thunder - 16:57

8th - TJ Allen - 17:02

12th - Jacob Wike - 17:37

21st - Lee Sharpfish - 18:22

24th - Morris Kills In Sight - 18:31

27th - Sam Grimshaw - 19:01


Coaches for the TC team are Tonya Whirlwind Soldier, Jeff Brown and Richard Langdeau. 


The Todd County girls team finished third yesterday and also qualified for the state meet. 


That state meet is in Rapid City next Saturday

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