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Gregory's Blake Boes likely to be in the mix of RUGGED Region 6B high jump battle

Region 6B boys High Jump is STACKED
May 14, 2017

By Rich Winter

When athletes gather for the Region 6B track meet this week, if you wanna see the boys high jump, ya better grab a chair and get comfortable as a massive battle for Region supremacy goes down. 


Six athletes from Region 6B have already qualified for state, and while they've taken turns beating the crap out of one another all season, this week, bragging rights for Region 6B high jump, are literaly up in the AIR. 


Corsica-Stickney has two athletes that have gone over 6-3

Clayton Menning and Joshua Moser.


Gregory's Blake Boes has been over 6-foot-1 and is just itching to get 6-3 under his belt.


Platte-Geddes athlete, Malachi Girton has gone over 6-foot-1 several times this year, most recently at Howard Wood.


Gregory's Tommy Determan made his 5-11 qualifier early in the season. 

And, just for good measure, Andes Central/Dakota Christian athlete, Tyler Swanson has also soared over the 5-11 barrier that automatically qualifies athletes for the state meet.


So, six guys who are already guaranteed to go to state, get ready to throw down in what will surely be one of the more epic field battles this week. 

Big for team points and such so look for a terrific show outa these guys. 

State qualifers for Class B high jump

High Jump - 5'11.00"
1. McDonnell, Allan 6'09.00" Wall        
2. Ogunjemilusi, Darian 6'04.00" Wolsey-Wessington        
3. Olson, Scott 6'04.00" Florence/Henry        
4. Sumption, Alex 6'04.00" Frederick        
5. Menning, Clayton 6'03.00" Corsica-Stickney        
6. Milton , JayShawn 6'03.00" Lower Brule        
7. Moser, Joshua 6'03.00" Corsica-Stickney        
8. Pulscher, Brayden 6'02.00" Alcester-Hudson        
9. Boes, Blake 6'01.00" Gregory        
10. Ewoldt, Haden 6'01.00" Chester Area        
11. Girton, Malchi 6'01.00" Platte-Geddes        
12. Wessel, Garrett 6'01.00" Kimball/White Lake        
13. Determan, Tommy 5'11.00" Gregory        
14. Gaspar, Logan 5'11.00" DR St. Mary        
15. Grassrope , Iren 5'11.00" Lower Brule        
16. Hoellein, Micah 5'11.00" Warner        
17. Holland, Trevin 5'11.00" De Smet        
18. Kraft, Isaac 5'11.00" Timber Lake        
19. LaRoche , Marlowe 5'11.00" Lower Brule        
20. Spader, Colton 5'11.00" Howard        
21. Spilde, Fisher 5'11.00" Waverly-South Shore        
22. Swanson, Tyler 5'11.00" Andes Central/Dakota Christian        
23. West, Cooper 5'11.00" Philip

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