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Poll question: Who was tougher, Bonesteel or Fairfax or WOOD
Aug 22, 2017

By Rich Winter

Alright so today I'm looking on YouTube for a football highlight reel of Colman-Egan QB, Bodee Groos and somehow I launched onto this football game that appears to be from a while ago between Tripp-Delmont and Bonesteel/Fairfax.


Anyone know when this is from?


It's been interesting learning about some of the different pockets of toughness across South Dakota. A lot of pride in each of those towns who dearly remembers their sports heroes from yester-year. I've always kind of known that there were some tremendous athletes down in the Bonesteel/Fairfax/Burke area. Over the years some of that history kind of gets lost as new schools consolidate and old records can sometimes be left behind.


Had the most iteresting conversation with a fella from Huron, originally from Geddes, Mike Carda. Mr. Carda who teaches in Huron informed the Lightning Rod and myself that he has a video of what I believe is a state championship game between Geddes and Wood. You know, early days, the first ever state-title matchup type stuff.


Over the years I've heard stories about some great athletes hailing from the Wood area. A lot of them, tough kids, football kids, but alas, I was too young to be aware of the Wood kids that were competing at such a high level while coming from such small communities. 


So, who is tougher...Wood, Bonestell or Fairfax?


I don't know but I thought the football video was aweseome, just wondered if anyone knew where that game is from and what year it was taken? 


Hmmmm, interesting!!


And Mr. Carda, that game needs to be seen...I'd pay money!!

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