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Cole Nachtigall is the second South Dakota high school athlete to commit to blogging for the Panic Button.
Mitchell Daily Republic

Platte-Geddes' Cole Nachtigal to breathe some life into Black Panther sports
Aug 16, 2017

By Rich Winter

Happy to announce the second high-school student to come aboard as a guest blogger for the Panic Buttin in Platte-Geddes athlete Cole Nachtigal. 


Nachtigal had a great baseball season this summer and is a welcome addition to the Panic Button. 


First story on deck, a look at senior QB Payton Foxley as the Black Panthers get ready to take on Potter County in their season opener on Aug. 25. 


I find this kind of interesting but it seems as if Chamberlain senior Riggs Priebe and Nachtigal got to be pretty good friends this summer from playing Legion baseball. When Priebe decided to do some part-time blogging, one of the first people he suggested I ask was Cole Nachtigal. 


As boys will be boys, a couple little jabs started coming in last night...

Riggs - "Idk if we want him, he's a bad writer and he is going to ruin the panic button," 


After I shared this with Nachtigal, his reply. 


Cole - "HaHaHaHa, Riggs is the worst speller I've ever seen in my life."


Ahhh, let the games begin.


Excited to have these two contributing to the content of this blog. First and foremost it's going to be fun and I don't even know if the guys will notice that their writing and interviewing skills are going to improve as the seasons go along. 


Great opportunity to work on photography, writing and inter-personal skills, all, in a non pressure packed environment. 


Word on the street is that Philip's Kaylor Pinney will be the next Jr. Blogger to join and I am excited to get a little more coverage up in the Philip area. 


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