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Philip's Hunter Peterson was injured in a farm accident yesterday

Philip's Hunter Peterson injured in farm accident
Aug 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

Was asked to share this from one of my very good Facebook friends, but waking up this morning and a lot of news going around about Philip student/athlete, Hunter Peterson, state runner-up in the 132 lb. wrestling class a year ago, who was injured in a work-related accident yesterday.


Screen shot from his mother, Tanya Peterson's F-Book post - I just want to update everyone. For those of you who don't know, Hunter was in a work related accident yesterday. He had a side-by-side gator roll and trap his legs for many hours, maybe five? His legs went a long time without blood flow and he also had a few breaks. He was ambulanced to Rapid City and went right to surgery on both legs. He is in a lot of pain. So hard to watch for this emotional mama. We need all the prayers we can get. He still has no feeling in right foot and a little in left. We now can just try and keep him comfortable and wait and see the next 24-48 hours wil tell alot. We are trying to stay positive but alot of what ifs are hard right now. I just prase God he is alive and ask for prayers, prayers, prayers!! Thank you to Philip doctors and nurses and....


At any rate, tough one up in Philip yesterday and as Tanya Peterson asked for prayers, prayers and prayers going out to Philip Area....

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