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The Pentagon National basketball team recently participated in the Fab-48 tourney in Las Vegas.

Pentagon National team gives FAB-48 a taste of South Dakota hoops
Aug 4, 2017

By Rich Winter

The Pentagon Baseketball Academy's National team recently traveled to Las Vegas to participate in one of the largest high school tournaments in the country. For those of you that dialed in, it was the kind of tournament where Lavar Ball and his kid were playing...in other words it was the best of the best with Division 1 college coaches from all over the country taking a look at some of the best prep players in the country.


I'm always interested in seeing how South Dakota does when matched up with other states, and judging by a trip to the final four in the Gold Division, South Dakota turned a lot of heads with OUR style of play.


Now, keep in mind this was a wicked tournament, the kind of tourney where there are big, tall teams, quick teams, teams with guys that can jump out of the gym, and South Dakota made it all the way to the final four.


That's awesome!



"It was an amazing experience for our kids," Allan Bertram, Director of Basketball Operations at the Pentagon Academy in Sioux Falls said. "We played in the Gold Division and were able to play some outstanding competition. Overall we finished 6 and 1 and made it to the Final Four. Tons of talented athletes loaded with D1 coaches."


Bunch of guys on the team are getting college offers, some of them multiple Division 1 offers....


I like it...welcome to the party South Dakota!

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