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Chamberlain senior Riggs Priebe will be doing some guest blogging for the Panic Button this fall
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Panic Button looking for high-school guest bloggers, Chamberlain's Riggs Piebe is on board
Aug 11, 2017

By Rich Winter

As the high school sports seasons draw near the Panic Button, Rich Winter is looking for high school sports bloggers to contribute articles and pictures to the Panic Button blog. 


After visiting with Chamberlain Athletic Director, Todd Palmer, for a few minutes this morning, WE have agreed to let Chamberlain senior Riggs Priebe do some of that writing/blogging stuff.


I think a lot of people here the word blogging and or writing and they immediately freeze up at the possiblity they might do it wrong or they don't have the skills to author 400 words to write a blog.


Couple things with that:

1. Nothing anyone will write will get on the internet without my editing and approval.

2. Blogs don't have to be 1000 words, they can be 100 words, and or sometimes just a cell-phone taped interview with a coach.


Let me give you an example of something Riggs might write:

(Let's say he does a little recap of the Wagner at Chamberlain girls volleyball game on Aug. 31)

Chamberlain slips by Wagner in four tough sets

By Riggs Piebe,

After losing to Mobridge/Pollock in their season opener, Chamberlain coach Amy Donovan rallied the troops for some tough and intense practices to work on the fundamentals and work out the kinks in their game. So far so good as Chamberlain picked up two wins this week including a road-victory over Stanley County Tuesday and a home win over Wagner on Thursday. 


In that match against Wagner, the Red Raiders won the first set, 25-21 but Chamberalain rallied to win three straight by scores of: 25-20, 25-14 and 25-19.


The win improves Chamberlain's record to 2-1 on the season with the Lady Cubs' next contest scheduled for Sep. 5 against Burke/South-Central. 


(That's pretty basic but that's kind of what I'm looking for from first-timers). With a little experience and a few blogs under one's belt, will be looking for some coaches quotes or player stats and perhaps even a student interviewing a coach. 


Feel like this is a great opportunity for young people to improve their writing skills, take on real life challenges of deadlines and the pressure that comes with keeping track of scores and even interviewing coaches and such. 


Could be part of a school's journalism class or just something someone from a different school wants to participate in.


Don't have to be an athlete to cover events and the events covered don't have to be sports. Would love to see some oral-interp students and or band and choir or even FFA or FHA students get on board.


Last year, Chamberlain senior Conner Graves did some guest blogs on the Panic Button and some of them were read by well over 1000 people.


Think this is a good learning opportunity and most of all something fun to do while gaining real-life experience in the world of social media. 


First thing Riggs asked me is how much does it pay? UMMMM, NADA is the answer to that, at least for now. Panic Button and LiveTicket.tv are a growing company with a lot of people not making much money right now. Jody Brozik and I from Liveticket.tv are pondering ideas like offering a pizza party per month for the school that offers the most participation, but we aren't quite there yet. 


Parents, teachers, students, ground floor opportunity to learn some of the basics about writing and journalism???


If interested give me a call at 801-448-1279 or drop me an email to richwinter85@gmail.com or send me a message on Facebook.










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