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Caden Tegethoff finished 2nd at the Mitchell Early-Bird meet
Mitchell Daily Republic

PG sophomore Tegethoff could be a player in Region 4 cross country
Aug 31, 2017

By Rich Winter

Not sure if everyone in Region 4 is even aware, BUT, Platte-Geddes has moved up from Class B to Class A this year, and with that, look out for Platte-Geddes sophomore, Caden Tegethoff.


At the Mitchell early-bird meet, running a 4k instead of the normal 5k, Tegethoff finished 2nd against a pretty quality field.


While the field looks pretty even in Region 4, by October, Tegethoff, barring any kind of injury might be right there with the best of them. 


1. Alec Nelson, Mitchell Christian, 14:53.72;

2. Caden Tegethoff, Platte-Geddes, 14:57.66;

3. Lucas Moller, Mitchell, 14:59.31;

4. Connor Bertsch, Miller, 15:02.56;

5. Dalton Howe, Redfield-Doland, 14:14.79;

6. Colby Gatzke, Redfield-Doland, 15:20.03;

7. Lucas Lopez, Chamberlain, 15:31.06;

8. Daniel Fuoss, Tripp-Delmont/Armour;

9. Corydon Hanson, Kimball/White Lake, 16:00.93;

10. Bradyn Lhotak, Wagner, 16:05.60.


Pretty young crew for P/G coach Matt Maxon with no seniors and only one junior on the roster. 

Matthew Brink 10
Gavin Gustad 7
Will Miller 9
Jadon Petersen 7
Hayden StLuka 11
Caden Tegethoff 10

Head Coach:

Matt Maxon
Asst. Coach

Tegethoff and the Black Panther will run at the MVP meet this Saturday. 


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