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Lower Brule senior Marlowe LaRoche showing some hops

One last run/JUMP for Sioux senior Marlowe LaRoche
May 21, 2017

By Rich Winter


Always get a kick out of seeing the Lower Brule guys and just checking in to see how they’re doing. One of the FELLAS I’ve never said hello to but I always enjoy seeing compete is recently graduated senior, Marlowe LaRoche. 


Somehow this guy always finds his way into my sets of photos. Young man had the lead at the state cross-country meet, for about 800 meters, and then he got swallowed up by the field and well, he suffered admirably the rest of the race.  


I kinda like that....If your not going to win and probably not going to make the podium, well, might as well have a moment. 


While not the greatest athlete in the history of Lower Brule, LaRoche always shows up.


Football team and cross-country in the fall!


Basketball in the winter


Track in the spring...

 At the recently completed Region 2B FIELD and track championships, LaRoche found his best opportunity to get to the state track meet in the high jump. He’s already pre-qualified in the event with a leap of 5-11, but, for good measure, he finished 2nd in the event as teammate, Iren Grassrope claimed the region high-jump title. 


  1 Grassrope, Iren     12 Lower Brule            5-09.00                   10   

  2 LaRoche, Marlowe    12 Lower Brule            5-07.00                    8 

Hoping teammate, JayShawn Milton is healthy. Didn’t see results from him at the Region track meet, and he’s one of the better Class B high jumpers in the state. 


Class B high-jump qualifiers. 

 High Jump - 5’11.00”

1. McDonnell, Allan 6’09.00” Wall    

2. Ogunjemilusi, Darian 6’04.00” Wolsey-Wessington    

3. Olson, Scott 6’04.00” Florence/Henry    

4. Sumption, Alex 6’04.00” Frederick    

5. Menning, Clayton 6’03.00” Corsica-Stickney    

6. Milton, JayShawn 6’03.00” Lower Brule    

7. Moser, Joshua 6’03.00” Corsica-Stickney    

8. Pulscher, Brayden 6’02.00” Alcester-Hudson    

9. Boes, Blake 6’01.00” Gregory    

10. Ewoldt, Haden 6’01.00” Chester Area    

11. Girton, Malchi 6’01.00” Platte-Geddes    

12. Wessel, Garrett 6’01.00” Kimball/White Lake    

13. Determan, Tommy 5’11.00” Gregory    

14. Gaspar, Logan 5’11.00” DR St. Mary    

15. Grassrope, Iren 5’11.00” Lower Brule    

16. Hoellein, Micah 5’11.00” Warner    

17. Holland, Trevin 5’11.00” De Smet    

18. Kraft, Isaac 5’11.00” Timber Lake    

19. LaRoche, Marlowe 5’11.00” Lower Brule    

20. Spader, Colton 5’11.00” Howard    

21. Spilde, Fisher 5’11.00” Waverly-South Shore    

22. Swanson, Tyler 5’11.00” Andes Central/Dakota Christian    

23. West, Cooper 5’11.00”


Really nice year for the Lower Brule track team and they’ll have some representation in the high jump and of course, the distance events. 


Senior, Iren Grassrope qualifed in the 800 and 1600, and is already pre-qualified in the 3200 meters.


Sophomore Jaden Little qualified in the 3200 meters, finishing 2nd on a windy/cold day at the Region championships.


  1 Weeldreyer, Colton  11 Ipswich               10:55.48                   10   

  2 Little, Jalen       10 Lower Brule           10:58.88                    8   

  3 Grassrope, Iren     12 Lower Brule           11:15.82 

Should be fun for the Brule boys, and one more shot for LaRoche to get out and compete....something it’s pretty easy to tell he loves to do.

Regarding the video for this piece...


Who did that?


It’s freaking awesome beyond awesome....If I could do that...Wow!

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