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John Petrik and Tyson Iyotte should form a solid one and two punch for the White River cross country team.

Older, faster, BETTER - Watch out for White River cross country
Aug 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

Kind of excited to get a look at the White River boys cross country team. If memory serves the guys finished 2nd in their Region meet a year ago, and with a wealth of returning talent, I'm looking for White River to move up the ladder from the 15th placed finish they achieved at the South Dakota state meet a year ago. 


The 2016 team was young, and I mean young.

Here are the returners from the state cross country meet a year ago and their places from the state meet.

39th - Tyson Iyotte - 19:06

65th - John Petrik - 19:44

84th - Caden Whipple - 20:05

115th - Jadice Morrison - 22:35

116th - Colbe Scott - 22:36


The team is still very young with only Petrik being a senior. Jadice Morrison is back as a junior. Tyson Iyotte came on late in the season last year, and if he's committed, he could be on the verge of a top-25 or podium experience and he's only a sophomore. 


Caden Whipple is a 9th grader as is Colbe Scott. 

I haven't heard if all of these folks are out for the sport this year, but if they are, you can expect White River to be more of a contendor at a lot of local meets. Look for them to get better as the season goes along, and be right there when it comes to Region championship time.

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