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Nez Pierce Tribal Member hauls in 29 lb. rainbow trout

Nez Pierce tribal member's IDAHO state record won't be recognized
Jul 20, 2017

By Rich Winter

Alright, so true story of how this came about...Was scrolling through Facebook this morning and came across a post from recently graduated St. Francis Indian School athlete, Daniel Eagle Road. Eagle Road, in one of his posts said this...


Sf be having drones flying around and shit😂probs shoot one down


I was going to check in and offer the comment - "Based on your shooting during last years season I wouldn't have much fear for the drone," was what I was going to say, with a JK of course at the end. 


Anyway, got turned around on Facebook and ended up on Eagle Road's Page and saw the picture of a gigantic rainbow trout.


And then it got really interesting...

IDAHO RECORD NOT RECOGNIZED ! Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery Worker Tui Moglia Caught this GIANT 28 lb 9 oz Rainbow that's larger than the State Record. Genectic Test will confirm if the trout is "PURE" Rainbow. Since Moglia is a Tribal Member and Rules for Fishing Idaho are Different. His catch will not be Officially Registered by the State ! Congrats that's the Record Brother ! Please Share , Thank You !


What, I don't know if I'm more astonished that rainbow trout grow to 30 pounds or that Idaho will not recognize the record because some stupid "Since Moglia is a Tribal Member and Rules for Fishing are differnet" - HUH?


That's weird and terrible at the same time but that fish...DAYUM!


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