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Shout out to all the chain-gangs in South Dakota

Neither rain, nor snow or feeling cold temperatures can stop the MHH CHAIN-GANG
Oct 28, 2017

By Rich Winter

Gotta say one of my favorite things about being a sports guy is sitting in the press-box. Yes, it can be a bit stifling in August, but come late October or November, yeah, I'll take the space-heater and no wind over 40 mph winds and temperatures in the 20's. 


Saw a really great Facebook post from Miller Athletic Director, Darin Hunter this morning, thanking his Chain-Gang for all they do for the football team. 


Darin Hunter - I want to take this opportunity to thank our chain gang - in my job to get activities off the ground there are many moving parts behind the scenes and these 4 guys just take over and I don't have to worry about the east side of the football field - Kelly Fernholz, Dan Fritzsche, Mike Mentzer and Robin Vrooman- give them a pat on the back next time you see them! Small town guys but "big time" players in Miller Athletics!


Ya know, Hunter has a really great point of view on this one. As an Athletic Director I'm sure he's got a lot going on and a lot to think about heading into games like the one Friday: Arington/Lake Preston at Miller-Highmore/Harold. Stats, officials, pep-rallies, media requests, scheduling, ya know, all the head-achey stuff that none of us ever really think about. 


Think that's a kind of cool statement to shout out to the chain gang. Must be a big relief to KNOW, for certain, that no matter the wind, the weather, the temperature or ANYTHING, those guys are going to show up and do one of the most thankless jobs in high-school sports.


And so Mr. Hunter, your post is SHARED....Lotta chain-gangs need a little pat on the back. 

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