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Chamberlain's Conner Grave's and Winner's Isaac Naasz disagree over who had the better opening weekend

More impressive - SDSU or USD - Chamberlain's Graves and Winner's Naasz throw down
Sep 4, 2017

With a bunch of recently graduated high-shool seniors headed off to college in August, a bunch of these former athletes are getting their first taste of campus life and the accompanying big-game experience of attending major college football games. 


And both of the Division 1 shools in South Dakota were imrpessive this weekend. 

1. SDSU beat Duquense 51-13 at home


2. USD just clobbered Drake, AT Drake, 77-7.


Former Chamberlain standout, Conner Graves and former Winner standout, Isaac Naasz debate who had the better weekend...


Graves: What a doozy of a game it was last night for them Jackrabbits! It was great seeing a South Dakota kid have such a great game from Taryn Christion threw 5 touchdowns last night with 254 yards and only one interception. Great stuff from the kid from Sioux Falls. Can't forget about the 96 rushing yards.


Naasz response: I don't know why those country bumpkins up north always go so over the top with just one win. Jacks played at home, Coyotes played on the road and we just crushed Drake. CRUSHED!! I'll always cheer for my boys Krockett and Wyatt up there but this is the year the South Dakota Big-Red machine rolls. Nov. 18 baby, in Vermillion, it's on!!!


Hmmmmm, this could get kind of interesting.

Note: One or more of the responses above may have been fabricated...

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