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Martin/New Underwood communities rally in support of Injured DJ Toczek
Jul 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

Boy some scary news out on the internet yesterday as it was first reported in the morning that former Bennett County prep, Chadron State alum and New Underwood coach, DJ Toczek was injured in a motorcycle accident while traveling in Wyoming. 


Here is an updated on Toczek who is ok but in a hospital will be heading to another hospital in Craig on Monday

"As many of you know my nephew Dj Toczek was injured in a motorcycle accident in Wyoming Saturday evening, July 8th. A pickup was being pursued in a high speed chase when it struck Dj from behind.


While he is expected to make a full recovery, Dj has suffered some head trauma, a few broken bones, lots of cuts, bruises, and road rash. They will be headed to the Craig Hospital in Colorado on Monday. 

Dj is a fantastic teacher, coach and mentor at the New Underwood High School. Dj is just an All-Around amazing great fella! 
Please keep Dj and his family in your prayers! 
#TeamDJ #YouGotToFightToBeVictorious #WeGotThisCoach #NUTigers #BCWarriors

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