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Martin's Post 240 took in a pro game at Coors Field in Colorado after winning the Buena Vista Tournament

Martin's CHIEF OF POLICE has Bennett County baseball playing at REGION CHampionship level
Jul 14, 2017

By Rich Winter

Terrific performace so far from the Bennett County Legion team, Post 240 from Martin at their regional tournament over in Gregory. Got a Facebook Message from pal Daniel Winsand yesterday telling me that Martin eked out a win over Lead/Deadwood in their second-round game after dropping the opener, 2-1 to Gregory in the Region tournament. 


Wondered how that game would go down as Lead/Deadwood seems to be a program on the rise, BUT, Bennett County reached deep into coach Brandon Peterson's play book.


Tied at 4-4 in the bottom of the 7th with the bases loaded, Post 240 went out of the box as Shane Boomer and Johny Waters each was hit by a pitch, advancing a run across the plate for the Post 240 win. 


Got an even better Facebook message from Winsand late last night as Post 240 beat Gregory 12-1 to advance to what I believe is the championship later today in Gregory against Spearfish. 


Post 240 in the Region final...what? 


Well, caught a little whiff of the Post 240 experience when I took a few rounds in the windrower with Winsand out on the Winter family farm about 15 miles west of Martin. 


As we laid down some alfalfa, Winsand would not stop jabbering about baseball. He told me about recent wins over Gering and Valentine and then he flopped out a doozie telling me the guys had just come back from the Buena Vista Colorado tournament, having won the event.


"We accomplished a gread deal of camaraderie on this trip," Peterson," told the Bennett County Booster. "These boys were together for a long period of time. Sometimes it can get rough, little things can get under your skin. It built a little bit of character with everybody. It built the team together, exactly the way I wnted to throughout the entire season. We got to have fun together as well as win the tournament."


Ahhh, Coach Peterson....So, Winsand tells me that Peterson is the Chief of Police over in Martin and that he came through the renowned Post 22 program out of Rapid City before heading off to I think McPherson College. 


I don't know what Peterson is dishing out over there in Martin, but I've known Winsand for a while and I have not seen him this excited about baseball.


I like it!


Seems like Peterson has brought some toughness to what has been an ok Bennett County Program. Fundamentals, running at practice, paying a STIFF penalty for off-the-field issues. 


And now, playing for a Region championship!


I don't know all the kids on the Bennett County team so I'll just name the names from the Booster picture...

Shane Boomer, Chuck Bakley, Wll Risse, Henry Johnson, Titan Soderlin, Keenan Soderlin, Shawn Saxton, Tee Allen, Cameron York, Daniel Windsand, Les Cuny, John Waters, Ace Hahn, Jared Harris and Brendan Kaerzell.


Just get a good feeling talking with Winsand about the coach and the program. Think its cool that these kids in Martin get to hang out with the Chief of Police and get to know him outside of his cop uniform...Good stuff there, but more than that, the level of play has come up at Post 240.


BC vs. Spearfish...for all the marbles....Get em

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