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Man, the Bolton's love them some OUTFIELD
May 18, 2017

By Rich Winter

So, the other day, I'm sitting in the stands of Leahy Bowl watching the Winner/Colome Royals take on Gregory, and from behind me, I hear the angelic voice of a Winner youngster singing something from the mid 80's - THE OUTFIELD.


I had to turn around and see who was singing some tunes from the mid-80's and was more than a little surprised to see young miss Bolton belting out some tune that she had obviously heard in her periphery. 


Loved it....That's awesome.


Brother Michael Bolton had a terrific day on the mound for Winner/Colome, pitching five complete shut-out innings and showing some nice breaking pitches and complete command as the Royals punched their ticket to Monday's Super Regional in Platte.


That's gonna be really interesting that Honkers vs. Royals game. The two teams have split during the regular season. 


IDK, I'm still kinda chuckling about the little girl singing the Outfield song...Guess I always kind of assumed the Bolton family would be more into Michael Bolton, but, I guess....


Panic Button opinion: I thought Winner/Colome looked a little casual during the game with Gregory. Three errors in the field and a couple of base-runners thrown out at home. The Honkers are a terrific baseball team and the defending state champs will have to play a hell of a ball-game to get into the Super-Regional final. 


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