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Look out for Leader Charge in Region 7A sprints
Mar 21, 2017

By Rich Winter

As we near the start of the outdoor track season I can't help but think ahead to the sprints and the mad dash down the track that will determine who the fastest kid in Region 7A is. I think on paper we're all looking out to the eastern part of the region where Cameron Kuil looms as a legit state title contendor in the 100,200 and 400.


That said, I gots to say I'm curious to see what ole Russell Leader Charge out in Red Cloud has to say about fastest kid in the Region. 


Interesting story during last year's track season. Then sophomore Russell Leader Charge was no where to be seen during the track season. Seems like he was playing basketball for awhile and it seems like he was nursing an injury along.


Didn't see him all season and then he shows up at the Region track meet and qualifies for state. A week later, at the state meet with oh, about ten days of track practice under his belt, he rockets down the track at Sioux Falls to a third place finish in the Class B 100.


Let me tell ya something, that's tuff to do and it takes a special athlete to do that. I'm curious what Leader Charge is going to look like with 10 weeks of track training under his belt?


I keep telling this story and it just doesn't seem to resonate, but, Russell's dad, Jim Leader Charge is the school record holder in the 400 meters at Todd County (49.7 440) I've heard stories about this guy churning up the track and laying it down. Mother, Lema Leader Charge was a two-time state discus champion at St. Francis and an All-American javelin thrower at the University of Mary. St. Francis and all-american in track...I like it and I always cherish a minute to talk with Lema about track. 


Russell Leade Charge has been running track for a lot of years now and he's made some noise at National AAU meets. He's got that silky, quick speed that has never quite gotten a full season of track under his belt. 


Until now....

Kuil is headed off to SDSU on a track scholarship and is the returning state champion at 400 meters, along with a third place finish in the 100 and 2nd in the 200. 


Both of these guys have 10.8 or better speed...OOOOOHHHH, get ready Region 7, a showdown is coming!



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